Happy Shower Week, Kristina!!

This is it!!! In just a few short weeks you will be meeting your sweet baby boy! Life as you know it is about to change!

Kristina, I am so proud of you and all that you have accomplished in your life. You are the most driven and devoted person I know and anything you put your mind to you will be great at, including mommy hood!

krist college 2

Our friendship journey began in 5th grade at the community pool, but even though we had a brief break-up we picked right back up in 12th grade. We experienced so much together our senior year of high school; boyfriends, break-ups, parties, party busts, learning how to drive stick, learning how to drive safely, and navigating through life. We even carried on our friendship long distance when we went to different colleges. The summer between graduation and your move to Pittsburgh was one that I will never forget! Life was so easy then, and we didn’t have a care in the world.

krist college

As life rolled by, things got a little bit more serious; jobs, husbands, homes, now babies! I wouldn’t trade all of the amazingly fun memories we had together, but these are the memories I have looked forward to…to see you grow as a mommy, to see you bond with your son, to see how much bigger your heart will grow, and to see you happier than you have ever been. I can’t wait to force our children to be friends, and to receive pics of your sweet boy at all hours of the day, and to hear all about your delivery!

krist college3

You and Lance are going to be amazing parents and Baby Dub-ya is already to soooo loved; he is one lucky little boy! I know you aren’t loving pregnancy but the end result is so worth all of it! You are doing and will continue to do a great job with your perfect little man! Happy Shower Week, momma and welcome to the club!!


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