Our poopy, milky, HILARIOUS trip to Old Navy

So, I went to the mall last Thursday with my personal stylist….my best friend Meagan.  She’s always talking about style on the blog, and I needed her more than ever to pick out new work clothes for my 10-week-post-baby bod.

You see, Meagan and I have been the “shop till you drop” type since we were in seventh grade and our moms took us on 12 hour sprees a few times a year.  It was crazy, and fun. Things are a little different these days with my little man in tow, but we still have a great time.

The day consisted of a lot of spit up, diaper changes and laughing and I got what I needed and feel confident about going back to work.  There was one instance, though, that definitely showed how my life has changed.

When we were in Old Navy in the family dressing room, Miles got fussy and wanted to eat.  I wasn’t thinking that we would be at the mall for six hours, and had only brought one bottle with me.  That was long gone.  So, I sat down in the dressing room and got ready to breast feed.  It was nothing Meagan hadn’t seen, anyway.  Just as I let a girl out of her cage, milk started shooting every where like a fountain.  Meagan and I were already in hysterics when Miles took the noisiest, stink-filled poop I had ever witnessed in my 10 weeks of motherhood.  WE JUST LOST IT!  We just could not pull ourselves together no matter what!  After he was done eating, I changed him and Meagan took him to burp him and he hurled spit up all over the floor.

hulkbaby breastman

Had she not been with me, maybe I would have been laughing by myself, or maybe I would have been crying.  I’m just really glad someone was there by my side, and It was someone who could laugh with me.


Raccoon Creek State Park

The past two weekends we’ve had were semi free, in the fact that we didn’t have to rush from here to there and everywhere.  E has been able to do yard work and I was able to get my potted plants; planted.  In saying that Rachel called me two Sunday’s ago and wanted to go hiking.  After her quick search they came up with Raccoon Creek State Park.  About 40 minutes from here it was a place that was tucked away just enough but was very easily accessible.

They picked us up and we headed out.  We made sure to pack a bag with enough water, snacks, and flips for the way home.  The park is laid out with numerous trails, so if your hiking, biking, or even horseback riding there is a trail for everyone.  I am linking the map that we’ve used the past two trips to scout out the best routes.

Our first trail out we did hit a trail with a ton of hills.  It wasn’t so bad but it was definitely more than any of us bargained for and we ended up going about 5 miles that day.  The trails are super scenic and very very backwoods.  We seemed to be the only one on the trails but this was one of the first really nice weekends.  This past Sunday Rachel mapped our course including the fresh mineral spring on our hike.  It was really awesome and we ended up connecting to some of the other larger trails before heading back to the car.  The only draw back was that it had rained the day before and the ground was super muddy.  Ask Rachel and Mike’s Tom’s who feel victim to the sludge.  All in all this trail was around 4 miles with fewer hills but still the same great scenery.


Not the most flattering photo of us to say the least! But at least we were having fun!


A few things I’ve learned from hiking in Western PA is wear bug spray!  I got eaten alive and I had long pants on!  Purchase proper footwear.  We are planning on making this a regular occurrence and wearing sneakers is ok but does not provide a lot of support.  It was really nice to get out and see explore parts of PA that I’ve never been too.  You don’t have to go far to find out somewhere new and exciting.

A little Momma sap for your Friday…

20150428_174505Last night I was lying in bed and it hit me…these are my people. My husband and I created them, they are all ours…forever. It makes me wonder what in the world did we do to deserve this. My husband and I often have moments where out of nowhere we say to each other “can you believe they are ours’?” We are blessed by these two crazy, silly, wild, independent, incredibly beautiful little girls. Our days are filled with giggles, sloppy kisses and dirty faces. It’s amazing how quickly time goes by when you have people other than yourself to focus on.

I can’t remember anything before them that has made me more happy or proud. I wake up thinking about them and go to bed praying for them. That someday (if they so choose) they will be blessed with their own children; that they are able to follow and fulfill their dreams, that they never fear talking to Nick and I about the hard stuff, and that they always know where home is, no matter what. To me they will always be those wide eyed babies who need me, they will always be the girls who scrape their knees and need mommy and daddy to kiss it better, they will always be the sisters that hid behind curtains and giggle at each other, they will always be our’s…forever.

My entire life I grew up knowing that my life’s mission was to be to be a wife and momma. My dreams and expectations have been far exceeded and even on our worst days I take a step back and feel so blessed to have these healthy, perfect children and a husband that works his butt off so I can be home with them. My life by no means is perfect but to me it is pretty darn close. I cannot wait to see what and who they grow up to be; every once in a while they give me a little clue, a little hint at how their lives are going to pan out; but for now we are living in the moment and enjoying our sticky, silly, messy life.

Happy Shower Week, Kristina!!

This is it!!! In just a few short weeks you will be meeting your sweet baby boy! Life as you know it is about to change!

Kristina, I am so proud of you and all that you have accomplished in your life. You are the most driven and devoted person I know and anything you put your mind to you will be great at, including mommy hood!

krist college 2

Our friendship journey began in 5th grade at the community pool, but even though we had a brief break-up we picked right back up in 12th grade. We experienced so much together our senior year of high school; boyfriends, break-ups, parties, party busts, learning how to drive stick, learning how to drive safely, and navigating through life. We even carried on our friendship long distance when we went to different colleges. The summer between graduation and your move to Pittsburgh was one that I will never forget! Life was so easy then, and we didn’t have a care in the world.

krist college

As life rolled by, things got a little bit more serious; jobs, husbands, homes, now babies! I wouldn’t trade all of the amazingly fun memories we had together, but these are the memories I have looked forward to…to see you grow as a mommy, to see you bond with your son, to see how much bigger your heart will grow, and to see you happier than you have ever been. I can’t wait to force our children to be friends, and to receive pics of your sweet boy at all hours of the day, and to hear all about your delivery!

krist college3

You and Lance are going to be amazing parents and Baby Dub-ya is already to soooo loved; he is one lucky little boy! I know you aren’t loving pregnancy but the end result is so worth all of it! You are doing and will continue to do a great job with your perfect little man! Happy Shower Week, momma and welcome to the club!!

Dearest Kitty…

baby feet

This is what life is all about! In a few short months you will meet your little girl, and the feeling you will have will be indescribable.

-Take every second in. The good, the bad, the stinky. The good days will outweigh the bad, sleep will happen, and you will eat a hot meal again. At times life will feel like it is standing still but in the blink of an eye Baby M will be on to her next milestone.

-Relax. The more relaxed you are, the more relaxed your home will be.

-Snuggle the heck out of her, stare at her all day, listen to her breathe, smell her…enjoy that sweet little baby. You will miss it someday.

-Read books;google things, but know that, YOU know your baby and yourself best. You will learn her cries, you will look at her and know what she needs. You are her momma and you know her best. Trust your instincts!

Katie, in the 15 plus years that I have known you, I have never seen you this happy.  You are absolutely glowing and are oozing excitement! Motherhood will be one of the hardest things you will do, but it will also be one of the most fulfilling things you will ever do.  Baby M is so lucky to have amazing, loving, and genuine parents.  Both you and Ken have the ability to make people feel so comfortable and cared for; I know you will pass those great qualities to her.  I am so happy for you and I can not wait to meet sweet Baby M. WELCOME TO THE CLUB, MOMMA!

an Ode to our Old friend

We are just days from Katie Midgett’s very first baby shower. It is major life events like this that make for times of reminders and reflection.  This week the girls of 5&Whine wish to dedicate our posts to our dear friend.  We want not one day to celebrate- but an entire week of showering Katie and Baby with love that is 15 plus years in the making:


I have always felt that Katie has carried the torch for our group of friends in different ways. I remember giving a small toast at her bridal shower, and acknowledging Katie as the wise one, and one who will always be there to advise the rest of us through big life changes. See Katie has often times conquered many feats ‘first’. First bride, First puppy adopter, First home owner, First to tackle major home renos, and more I am sure I am not remembering. Although she is not the first mother in our small circle, she of course will still be yet another voice to guide the rest of us through an unknown process or journey. Thinking back on all of those ‘first’ brings me all the way back to – – get ready for this 1997! I can not believe how long I have known these ladies!

Katie is my golden ticket. I always look up to her and I am grateful for her friendship. With out Katie I would have never gotten to know this beautiful group of girls I call my best friends. We met in 6th grade- we are nearing our 20 year mark as friends! Her father was my teacher at the time. I would say I – my character, my decision making- was a little rough around the edges at this time. My family was not well off and it was the year my father passed. The combination of financial stress and emotional distress was hard for me as I was trying to fit in at school. Katie saw me as a friend, and Katie’s entire family treated me like one of their own. I would go over for dinner often. We would play (I have no idea what we would do to be honest) in kitties living room. Her parents would give me guidance on smart moves for college, etc. It was a warm home and escape from the sadness that draped my families’ house in hard times. It was a taste of life I had not known. All awhile with a friend to giggle with each day in school and out (Katie is a hoot – she’s incredibly funny, but has a demeanor that makes most of what she says feel unexpected).

As years went on we traveled as a pack, the five of us. To panera bread lunch dates, park city shopping mall, and into college parties where we have seen each other at our most foolish moments. Oh the pictures we wish we could un-take. The boyfriends we saw each other through. The outfits we critiqued for each other in order to be the cool girls. It really makes me smile as I write and imagine.

I am so lucky to have met Katie when I did. She has always been years beyond her age. She is a successful woman. She is one of those people who seem to be able to get it all done in a flawless fashion. Taking on motherhood will be so natural for her, and all of us have said so for years.  Time and states have been put between since the days of middle school, but our friendship has never disconnected.


So today my post is for Katie. Here is to you mama… the bold and beautiful, ever so capable, role model for women! Thank you for being my friend. Thank you for accepting me for being the exact opposite! Thank you for the snippets of advice laced along the years. With out our early connection, I do not believe I would know the life I do now. I love you and your growing family so dearly and always will. I can not wait to meet Baby girl M and see every bit of beautiful women in her as I do in you.

Little lives

Last week the girls and I finally had a chance to get together and catch up. These get togethers usually are filled with laughter and sometimes tears and lots of love, but this time it felt different…not bad different…it felt more grown up different.


I left dinner thinking about all the amazing times I have shared with these amazing women and all the times we are going to share in the future.

Not one but two new babies are about to enter our circle. Two special little lives that I can’t wait to meet and watch grow up with my girls. Two little lives that are about to completely change their mommy’s lives. Two little lives that will take up a little spot in my heart and two little lives who are going to make two women into mommas!

The momma's to-be!

The momma’s to-be!

Over the past two years I have watched the love that my best friends have for my own little girls. It makes my heart so full. I can’t wait to get my hands on these new little babies and spoil the snot out of them!