What I Wore This Week!

It has been a wild week in my neck-of-the-woods…we got slammed by Winter Storm Jonas on Saturday which left us with nearly 30 inches of snow, preschool was cancelled three out of five days, and the girls alternated not feeling well.  Weeks like this are ones when getting dressed for work is the absolute last thing on my mind so I’m glad I decided to post about what I wore because I had to do a bit of planning


Monday-the girls didn’t have school and I worked from home.  We made it a jammy day. I got these pj’s for Christmas and I love them!  They are super comfy and super warm.  The sweater is the perfect lightweight fabric and it’s not too tight, and the pants are the same great fabric.  I literally would live in these if I could.  Do I even need to say anything about my slippers…I think not!

Xhilartion pajama set-target.com  (This set, unfortunately is no longer available, but the Xhilaration has tons of great options.)

Ugg moccasins-uggaustralia.com


Tuesday-there was snow everywhere I looked, so I wanted to be cozy while at work.  My favorite over sized sweater was the best option.  I paired it with faux leather panel front leggings and my favorite black booties. Simple, easy, and comfortable!  My favorite combo!

Old Navy Sweater-winter 2015, no longer available

Mossimo Women’s Ponte Pant-Target.com

Black booties-winter 2014, no longer available


Wednesday-Half way through the week! The snow still hasn’t melted and a sweater is the most necessary piece of clothing on this side of the Mason-Dixon!  I love this cardigan because I can dress it up or down.  I could throw a tee-shirt under it and wear with jeans or pair it with a LBD.  It’s the perfect cardi and I love the pattern!  I’m not much a black dress pant kind of gal and I have a bunch of these black “jeggings.”

Romeo and Juliet Couture Leopard Cardigan-purchased winter 2015

Bonton-Jessica Simpson Black Kiss Me Ponte Leggings

Black Old Navy Tank-oldnavy.com


Thursday-I did not feel like thinking about getting dressed on Thursday, simple solution…this shirt dress!  I love the color and its loose fit.  It can be dressed up or down and it goes with my most favorite black booties!  My black chunky necklace is one of my oldest necklaces, and it is timeless. I wear that puppy at least once a week!

H&M Chiffon Dress-H&M.com

Black Target tights-target.com


Friday-Friday is finally upon us; and you know what that means (at least at my office), JEAN FRIDAY!  No thought involved in getting dressed today.  Grabbed my dressy sweatshirt with a peplum, a pair of skinny’s and my fav tan booties and I’m out the door!

Women’s Flounce Sweatshirt-target.com

Levi’s Juniors’ 535 Denim Leggings-bonton.com

Women’s Merona Sawyer Booties-target.com


Happy Weekend!  May your weekend be filled with comfy clothes and lots of fun!


Thank you Janae Rose Photography !

So very lucky and thankful to have met such an amazing, kind, and comfortable husband and wife photography team.  I just wanted to send this shout out!

If you are in need of any photos- I send my highest recommendation !  (Pst- they travel too!)

Feel free to view a few featured shots from our dreamy out door/holiday themed engagement photo session  here:


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Wishing you are yours and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

Gifts for Your Gals under $50!

gifts under 50


Rent the Runway Review

I had a little teaser last week for my Halloween costume and you guessed it I went as a bond girl…sort of!  I was going back and forth on something to wear and finally Sunday before the event/Halloween I decided to check out Rent the Runway and see if they could ship me something before Friday (procrastinator i know)!

I found that the website was super easy to navigate and they had specific sub categories so that I could narrow in on my vision.  I decided to go with the an all over gold sequin Badgley Mischka gown that was gorgeous and came in a short which was another great little surprise.  Since it was so glittery I didn’t even have to add any large accessories everything else I had at home!


I picked up a coupon code online for first time users so I ended up with an additional $25.00 off.  The dress came in a bag with straps, a return label that slipped in the front and it doubled as a garment bag ( I was obviously very impressed with the packaging).  As for the dress it was the most amazing fit in the bust but I made it work and for the 6 hours I had it on it was amazing, I received so many compliments and gave out so many recommendations to use the site.  Overall I will definitely use this service again it was a lifesaver in this situation and they have so many options for so many occasions!



Blogger Babe Thursday!

I know it’s not #WCW but I wanted to do this little feature on a top trend I’ve been following with my help of my OCD following of my favorite bloggers.  Since starting this blog with my girlfriends I have found that I have been drawing inspiration from my favorite bloggers for well everything.  I look to them to find out daily outfit inspirations, new trends and tips, and even ideas on home decor.  With New York Fashion week drawing to an end there was one over arching trend that I couldn’t top staring at, 70’s!  The 70’s are back and they are replicating some of the era’s best pieces.  From fringe, to flares the trends are everywhere and I think that everyone can pull it off in their own special way.  Personally I have made a pledge to try flares this year nothing to pricey and nothing too fancy, a simple dark wash with a large flare and skinny leg.  Here are a few bloggers who are doing it all right!!

Gwynnie Bee Review!

A few weeks ago I talked about I wrote about Gwynnie Bee the monthly clothing subscription, that I signed up through a free trial. I wanted to give everyone an update as to my thoughts, fit, and reaction to the product.

First things first the package comes in with pre-paid shipping bags to go back, that are at the bottom of the box.  The clothing is also wrapped in tissue, with each piece having a Gwynnie Bee hang tag.  I think these small touches are so important and make me believe that they want customers to have a great experience.

I have received two boxes so far and have found that things get to my house within 2 days time. As far as the fit and styles go, I’ve noticed that the dresses (and I’ve gotten all dresses) are a little too long. I’m 5′ 2″ and most of them fell below my knees and on me that is an awkward length.  Here are two of my favorites from my first box and my second box.  I had soooo many compliments on the parrot dress!



Another great feature is to expedite my shipping on my next box I go into my virtual closet and select to return my items and do a quick review.  I found that they shipped the next box pretty quickly.  I’m still not too sure about keeping the subscription.  Theses were the two pieces that I wore out of 8 pieces (some of them were either too long, big, or very unflattering prints for me).  I am getting a new box soon so hopefully this will help sway my decision!

Gwynnie Bee!!

Lately I have been so excited for Fall and in my pursuit to purchase all of the fall items on my wish list I have not had the time to get to browse my favorite stores.  Rachel has tried to convince me for years to sign up for Birchbox , and even a trip to Soho didn’t convince me.  I love makeup, accessories, and clothing but I just didn’t know how much use I would get out of the subscription.  Maybe some day I will try it but to curb my craving I found another monthly club.

I first saw Gwynnie Bee on different ads all over my Social Media, they are a monthly box subscription of women’s apparel pieces that are geared for sizes 10 and up.  I knew what it was but didn’t pay too much attention and just went about my business. Recently I found myself complimenting my Director on her adorable dress and tell her I loved the print and the shape and how flattering it was, and she said she got it from Gwynnie Bee.  She said she started out with just getting three different pieces a month and then with prepaid shipping labels was able to send items back as many times as she wanted and get new ones.

This was some time ago and sure enough I was browsing through my newsfeed and up popped the ad!  It was a sign they had a free one month trial.  The subscription for three pieces is normally $84 bucks for one month, which seems pretty steep but they can turn around a package in 72 hours!  I have created my closet now I just wait for my items to ship.  The other added benefit is if you love an item you can purchase it at a discounted rate.  I think that this subscription will curb my appetite for an entire new Fall wardrobe (well for the time being).  Check back to see what came in my first subscription!


Trends to Try: Pre Fall

I know that it’s only August 13th but I have to say that I can feel Fall creeping in.  Everywhere from street fashion, the cooler temps, fall merchandise at the mall and the the every present Nordstrom pre-fall Instagram shots!  Here is my short preview of some of my favorite trends I just have to pick up this Fall.

  1. Fringe – what more can I say about fringe, I’ve always been drawn to it.  I think this also coincides with my love of tie-dye (which I will never get over by the way).  Anything from a skirt to a bag (which I already own) to a cool long fringe necklace
  2. Oversized scarves -last year I never picked up an oversized blanket scarf.  I have a few ponchos but I really wanted a scarf but it just never happened.  this year I want to make it a point to work it into my work wardrobe as well as my everyday.
  3. Color of the year Marsala – the pantone color of the year was Marsala (a deep wine purple burgundy color).  It’s really amazing and seems like it would be a very easy color to wear.
  4. All of the ankle boots – last year I bought only one pair and I loved them.  They were perfect with so many things from dresses and tights to skinny jeans.  I am on the hunt for flat and heeled all black, or I’ll opt for these leopard prints!
  5. The adult backpack – Why did I not think of this before!  I am obsessed with looking for a roomy backpack to go to and from work.  I like to carry one bag with all of my things and stuff my lunch bag inside as well.

Trends to Try: Pre Fall


The Ultimate Stay-All-Day Lip Color

I have talked in the past about how grateful I am for my Birchbox subscription.  It has taught me so much about what beauty products do or do not work for me and my routine (and all with in comfort level).  My favorite benefit of the monthly subscription is that I get to try bold and bright colors that I could never afford to try otherwise.  I have transformed from “clear gloss girl” – to confidently styling bold purples, pinks, and reds!  I’ve- in fact – become so interested in new colors that this is my third lip product review!

With a wedding on the books and less than one year away – a “Stay All Day” product is the most important feature to me right now.  I want to know that photos at 2pm and photos at 10pm will have the same impact when it comes to my make up on my special day.

This months birchbox brought me THE one!  The one I might even use on my big day!  Its staying power is so strong- I think it will make it through 100 kisses, a few cocktails, and hours of smiles!

Stila Cosmetics is a brand worth knowing if you do not already.  And if you’re looking for a gem of a lipstick I suggest : Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick.   My shade – “Bella.”   There are several other stunning colors:


Venezia, Bella, Amalfi, Rosa, and Como

I thought a gender reveal party was the best way to see what this stuff really had to offer.

I applied my first coat at 12:00 pm and snapped a photo 30 minutes later:



*NOTE; painting inside the lines is Crucial with this serious stuff!  Its going to STAY where ever you put it.

4 hours later, 2 beverages, a bottled water, and lots of talking and snacking later:



Although you can certainly see the wear in this comparison – you wouldn’t know a difference with out the side by side!

This stuff has a matte look.  I would not advise adding a gloss over top, because I think it would carry your stain to outside your lip line or on to your teeth.   After about five hours it did begin to dry slightly on the inner circle of my lips, but still no changes, cracking, or bleeding on my lip line!

The only reason it finally came off is after several beers, crabs, and old bay I had to clean my forearms, face, and everywhere else!

I believe the stila stay all day liquid lipstick would have kept its promise otherwise!

I highly recommend this gorgeous shade and true stay all day product.


Here’s to best friends and pink lips!


As you can see- no transfer on to my main man either!


Ps. Our attire was appropriate- Its a boy!  Congrats to the Drake family on their new addition!

Favorite 4 Instagram Follows:

1) scratchmadesimple-call me partial, but this beautiful momma was one of my best friends growing up. We may have lost touch throughout the years but I love keeping up with her and her family through photos. Not only is Laura an amazing wife and mommy, she also owns a successful cupcake bakery and hosts a cooking show. She is a true inspiration and proves that with hard work anyone can achieve their dreams

2) mariaquaranta40-Maria is an amazing business owner, momma, and unofficial 5andwhine photographer! This lady does it all and is great at it. I love her #mondaymommytip; she always offers great advice and shares her favorite baby and mommy products.

3) freeyourmindphoto-Kari is an amazing photographer and excellent momma! I love seeing her photos pop on my feed; her kids are adorable and she is always doing something fun. Did I mention she is an amazing photographer?…Kari did our family photos this year and I am still in love with them.

4) careymbender-although I don’t know Carey personally, but I love following her. She has amazing style and posts the best inspirational quotes, and her daughter is absolutely adorable! Carey is truly an inspiring and beautiful woman inside and out!