My All-Star Themed Baby Shower!

My baby shower was in Bedford, PA, this weekend.  My family is from Eastern PA, Lance’s is from Central PA, and our friends are from Western PA, so what better place to have it then in Bedford!  My mother-in-law and best friends worked very hard to make the day special, and all I had to do was register and make sure I got to the party on time.  It was fabulous!

The shower started at 12:30 with buffet style sandwiches, pasta salad, fruits and vegetables and the decorations were amazing.  After 3 generations of Waltman men who loved and played baseball, the theme couldn’t have been more fitting for our soon-to-come baby boy.

There weren’t too many games, just some guess how many with sunflower seeds, and bubble gum, and a game where you froze these little plastic babies in ice cubes.  Everyone got one in their water glass and when your cube melted, you had to yell, “My water broke!” and then you got a prize.

see the little baby in the ice cube?

see the little baby in the ice cube?

FB_IMG_1430011603446 FB_IMG_1430011623953 FB_IMG_1430011598465 FB_IMG_1430011592169 FB_IMG_1430011586253 FB_IMG_1430011562769 FB_IMG_1430011536019

see the little baby in the ice cube?

see the little baby in the ice cube?


All in all it was the perfect day with my favorite people.  Thank you so much to those who made it possible!!


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