My heart is full

A few weeks back, I decided that I was going to try to be more realistic with what I can accomplish in a weekend  by creating a Weekend Wishlist.  Well, I have really stuck to my guns, and have focused on being more realistic about crossing things off my to-do list while spending quality time with Miles and Lance.  This weekend we did laundry, groceries, and spent time with friends.  It was fabulous!


Sundays are always bitter-sweet for me.  The end of the weekend marks five long days without my baby.  Since today was Valentine’s Day, and my late Grandfather’s Birthday, emotions ran high and happy and sad tears were shed.  There was one constant feeling I had throughout the day, though.  That feeling was, my heart is full.  It’s a remarkable feeling to be bubbling over with love.  How incredibly sweet it is to be a mother.  I never imagined that Valentine’s Day could feel any better.


My Weekend Wish List

I have been trying to stay in-tune with what I find creates stress for me, lately.  Sometimes, I wake up on a Saturday and get excited about the potential the weekend holds for our family to have fun, and spend quality time together.  After thinking for a few minutes, I realize there’s a lot of things which “have to get done,” and then I quickly get disappointed or stressed about managing our time.

So, this Saturday when I woke up, I decided I wanted to make a list of “to-do” and a “wish list” underneath it.  Often times, I think things have to happen, but they actually don’t really need to.  This is how I overload my weekend and turn fun time into stress.  Lance and I sat down and said everything we had to do this weekend, vs. what we wanted to do.

This was our list:

to do


The truth was, when we actually thought about what we ABSOLUTELY HAD TO GET DONE, there really wasn’t much.  We knocked out the grocery shopping and trip to target on Saturday along with nap-time sleep training.  That left Sunday for our wish list.  On Sunday, we chillaxed, I got a much-needed pedicure and Lance played Playstation for a few hours and I had lunch with my best friend.

We even made delicious meals both nights!!  Lemon Orzo Chicken, and Spanish Chickpeas and Rice!


While we didn’t get everything I wanted to get done, I realized that my expectations were unrealistic if I wanted any down time.  We had a great time this weekend, and I think our to-do and wish list will be a new weekend tradition which will help us prioritize and be realistic about what we can accomplish.


What I Wore This Week!

It has been a wild week in my neck-of-the-woods…we got slammed by Winter Storm Jonas on Saturday which left us with nearly 30 inches of snow, preschool was cancelled three out of five days, and the girls alternated not feeling well.  Weeks like this are ones when getting dressed for work is the absolute last thing on my mind so I’m glad I decided to post about what I wore because I had to do a bit of planning


Monday-the girls didn’t have school and I worked from home.  We made it a jammy day. I got these pj’s for Christmas and I love them!  They are super comfy and super warm.  The sweater is the perfect lightweight fabric and it’s not too tight, and the pants are the same great fabric.  I literally would live in these if I could.  Do I even need to say anything about my slippers…I think not!

Xhilartion pajama  (This set, unfortunately is no longer available, but the Xhilaration has tons of great options.)



Tuesday-there was snow everywhere I looked, so I wanted to be cozy while at work.  My favorite over sized sweater was the best option.  I paired it with faux leather panel front leggings and my favorite black booties. Simple, easy, and comfortable!  My favorite combo!

Old Navy Sweater-winter 2015, no longer available

Mossimo Women’s Ponte

Black booties-winter 2014, no longer available


Wednesday-Half way through the week! The snow still hasn’t melted and a sweater is the most necessary piece of clothing on this side of the Mason-Dixon!  I love this cardigan because I can dress it up or down.  I could throw a tee-shirt under it and wear with jeans or pair it with a LBD.  It’s the perfect cardi and I love the pattern!  I’m not much a black dress pant kind of gal and I have a bunch of these black “jeggings.”

Romeo and Juliet Couture Leopard Cardigan-purchased winter 2015

Bonton-Jessica Simpson Black Kiss Me Ponte Leggings

Black Old Navy


Thursday-I did not feel like thinking about getting dressed on Thursday, simple solution…this shirt dress!  I love the color and its loose fit.  It can be dressed up or down and it goes with my most favorite black booties!  My black chunky necklace is one of my oldest necklaces, and it is timeless. I wear that puppy at least once a week!

H&M Chiffon Dress-H&

Black Target


Friday-Friday is finally upon us; and you know what that means (at least at my office), JEAN FRIDAY!  No thought involved in getting dressed today.  Grabbed my dressy sweatshirt with a peplum, a pair of skinny’s and my fav tan booties and I’m out the door!

Women’s Flounce

Levi’s Juniors’ 535 Denim

Women’s Merona Sawyer


Happy Weekend!  May your weekend be filled with comfy clothes and lots of fun!

When Mommy had a beer at 3 p.m.

So, we have gotten through about a month of daycare.  Miles goes Monday – Thursday for the entire day, and then on Fridays I work from home.  Each week I have felt like a child on Christmas Eve on Thursdays because I am so excited to have three days with him, and each week I have cried as the weekend comes to a close because I don’t want to take him back to daycare.


I will be the first to admit, I have been protective over our mother+son time together; not leaving much room for husband and wife time.  My emotions seem to overwhelm me even when I put him down for bed sometimes.  I feel like I am acting ridiculous. I literally don’t want to go to therapy because that would mean more time away from him.  On the other hand, I really enjoy my job and my work.  When I am thinking logically, I know that being a working mom is going to turn out fine.  We just can’t make it on one salary, or even a part time salary for me.


This weekend, my in-laws came to visit (Lance’s parents), and my extremely generous mother-in-law offered to watch Miles if we wanted to go out for a little bit.  I felt the anxiety rush to my stomach.  I didn’t want to leave him even for a few hours, but I knew I needed to do something alone with Lance.

This morning it wasn’t looking like we were going to get away, when Miles took a nap, and Lance and I got showered and out the door before he could wake up; leaving him with my in-laws.  Something about leaving while he was sleeping made me feel better.  We went to….wait for it…..Home Depot.  After 10 minutes there, we said, “What can we do, now?”  That’s when Lance had the great idea to go get a beer, AT A BAR!  OF COURSE!  It’s 3 p.m. and we are going to the bar for a beer because WE HAVE NO BABY WITH US!  We just sat for an hour and chatted, but it was fun and he made me laugh and feel pretty.  It was really nice.  I’m so glad we did it.


The nursery is ready and Miles is busting out of the bassinet in our room, so I think it’s time to move him into it.  I was going to do it tonight, but I think we will wait one more!

I never knew I could miss someone so much.  It’s funny how priorities change when you have a baby to love.

One week down!

I’m beyond exhausted but more than that I’m bursting with pride for my girls and myself! We made it through our first week of preschool and working full-time! It has been quite an adjustment for all of us but I think we have all handled it very well. Yes, I may have cried for the majority of my first morning, but for the most part it went very smooth!

First Day of School!

First Day of School!

Check back next week for what surprised me most about going back to work!

Preschool, Potty Training, and Big Girl Beds…OH MY!

Syd is a full blown toddler; she’s crazy, funny, intuitive, smart, and super inquisitive! She loves “Frozen,” stickers, her dog, and playing with her sister!

It’s hard for me to believe that three years ago we were dying to meet her and now she is a potty-training preschooler who is ready for a big girl bed! Where did the time go? As excited as I am about having only one child in diapers, I’m also a little sad that my first baby is now some-what of a “big-kid.” It’s weird that she has friends besides her sister and it’s even stranger that I trust her to sleep in a bed…by herself, without railings…

1st Day of Preschool!

1st Day of Preschool!

Preschool was our first step into toddler-ville. Syd is my momma’s girl, so drop-offs are usually tear-filled and hurried, but pick-ups are always filled with smiles and excitement to inform me of every little detail from her day. Preschool is also a great stepping stone for kids like Syd who need a little encouragement when it comes to things like potty-training.

We started our potty-training journey last fall…yes, you read that right, last fall! Syd showed a lot of interest and seemed like she was ready. We went out and bought a potty, some bribery snacks and big girl underwear, but when we got the potty home, Syd wouldn’t even sit on it. It sat in our bathroom, unused, until two weeks ago! That’s when she decided she was ready and she hasn’t turned back! I’m happy to report that she is half-way to being potty-trained. Letting Syd decide when she was ready was the best thing I could do for both of us; she knows when she needs to go, she’s excited to receive the applause when she does go, and likes being a “big girl.” I strongly suggest using M&M’s as a reward, it’s crazy what kids will do for them!

As for the big girl bed; a few weeks ago when we were on vacation, I let Syd sleep in a big girl bed and she loved it! I don’t want to overwhelm her with all the recent changes so I’m waiting a few more weeks before we switch her bed but we are starting to prep her for the big move! She has picked out her bedding (with my approval) and we talk about how she needs to behave in her new bed. She is excited to say the least and I think she will do great!

Before I know it, she’ll be getting her driver’s license and going on her first date…not sure I’m ready for this growing up thing!

Friday Favorites!

Here’s what I was loving this week!

1) Keurig® 2.0 K350 Brewing System-This amazing appliance was my Mother’s Day gift and I am obsessed with it. Not only can you brew your coffee it to be stronger, but it also comes with a carafe! That’s right, a carafe! I love this feature not only for myself but for when we have company over. I always hated brewing one cup at a time with my old Keurig, but now I don’t have to. I also love how quickly it heats up and is ready to brew.  If you are in the market for a new coffee maker I strongly suggest this one!

Thank you coffee Gods (and my husband) for this magical appliance!

Thank you coffee Gods (and my husband) for this magical appliance!

2) Stacy’s Simply Naked® Pita Chips and Wegmans Food You Feel Good About Hummus-This one is a two-for. Lately this has been our go-to snack. The girls love it, it’s easy and healty-ish. The pita chips are always super fresh and the Hummus is gluten free, lactose free and vegan. Both iteams I feel good about putting in my body and serving to my family.



3) Target toddler shoes-I.WISH.THEY.CAME.IN.MY.SIZE. I’m obsessed with my daughter’s shoes, that’s all there is to it. They are adorable!


4) Threshold™ Indoor Outdoor Flatweave Area Rug-I needed a new rug terribly, our old one had seen much better days so when I came across this rug (on sale) I couldn’t pass it up! It’s the perfect pop of color for our living room and it’s super easy to clean.

Feels like summer in my living room!

Feels like summer in my living room!

5) Women’s Mid-Rise Rockstar Skinny Jeans-I love these jeans. They are super comfortable and easy to wash, not to mention you can dress them up or down.


What were your favorites from this week?

A little Momma sap for your Friday…

20150428_174505Last night I was lying in bed and it hit me…these are my people. My husband and I created them, they are all ours…forever. It makes me wonder what in the world did we do to deserve this. My husband and I often have moments where out of nowhere we say to each other “can you believe they are ours’?” We are blessed by these two crazy, silly, wild, independent, incredibly beautiful little girls. Our days are filled with giggles, sloppy kisses and dirty faces. It’s amazing how quickly time goes by when you have people other than yourself to focus on.

I can’t remember anything before them that has made me more happy or proud. I wake up thinking about them and go to bed praying for them. That someday (if they so choose) they will be blessed with their own children; that they are able to follow and fulfill their dreams, that they never fear talking to Nick and I about the hard stuff, and that they always know where home is, no matter what. To me they will always be those wide eyed babies who need me, they will always be the girls who scrape their knees and need mommy and daddy to kiss it better, they will always be the sisters that hid behind curtains and giggle at each other, they will always be our’s…forever.

My entire life I grew up knowing that my life’s mission was to be to be a wife and momma. My dreams and expectations have been far exceeded and even on our worst days I take a step back and feel so blessed to have these healthy, perfect children and a husband that works his butt off so I can be home with them. My life by no means is perfect but to me it is pretty darn close. I cannot wait to see what and who they grow up to be; every once in a while they give me a little clue, a little hint at how their lives are going to pan out; but for now we are living in the moment and enjoying our sticky, silly, messy life.

Mother’s Day wish list

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and there are a handful of items I have been eyeing for myself, and hinting about to my husband. I would imagine I’m not super easy to buy for considering my hobbies include, my girls, my husband, Target, and the ”Real Housewives…” so I have compiled a little list of gifts that any mom would be sure to love!

A) Stella & Dot’s “Signature Engravable Bar Necklace-I love this necklace because it is so simple. It comes in gold or silver and it is just the right size. The necklace has plenty of space for a name, or initials and the chain is the perfect length and it is a piece of jewelry that I would wear forever.

B) bareMinerals Get Started® Kit-my sister-in-law gave me some bareMinerals products for Christmas, and I absolutely loved them. They made my skin feel soft and my makeup never looked caked on. Not to mention, my skin looked much less blotchy when I was not wearing makeup.

C) Old Navy Women’s Chambray Romper-I would live in this romper! It’s casual and looks so comfortable; I could dress it up or down. Plus, it’s on sale right now!

D) A subscription to Stitch Fix-I looooove shopping but I don’t really have the time and my girls aren’t really the shop til you drop kinds…yet! That’s where Stitch Fix comes in; here’s how it works, you fill out a quiz to determine your style, they select items for you and send them to you, you keep what you like and send back what you don’t like. Best part is…it’s priced to your budget!

E) Anything homemade from my gals. Homemade is always the best, and anything my girls make for me would be perfect!

collage-2015-05-01What’s on your Mother’s Day wishlist?

Happy Shower Week, Kristina!!

This is it!!! In just a few short weeks you will be meeting your sweet baby boy! Life as you know it is about to change!

Kristina, I am so proud of you and all that you have accomplished in your life. You are the most driven and devoted person I know and anything you put your mind to you will be great at, including mommy hood!

krist college 2

Our friendship journey began in 5th grade at the community pool, but even though we had a brief break-up we picked right back up in 12th grade. We experienced so much together our senior year of high school; boyfriends, break-ups, parties, party busts, learning how to drive stick, learning how to drive safely, and navigating through life. We even carried on our friendship long distance when we went to different colleges. The summer between graduation and your move to Pittsburgh was one that I will never forget! Life was so easy then, and we didn’t have a care in the world.

krist college

As life rolled by, things got a little bit more serious; jobs, husbands, homes, now babies! I wouldn’t trade all of the amazingly fun memories we had together, but these are the memories I have looked forward to…to see you grow as a mommy, to see you bond with your son, to see how much bigger your heart will grow, and to see you happier than you have ever been. I can’t wait to force our children to be friends, and to receive pics of your sweet boy at all hours of the day, and to hear all about your delivery!

krist college3

You and Lance are going to be amazing parents and Baby Dub-ya is already to soooo loved; he is one lucky little boy! I know you aren’t loving pregnancy but the end result is so worth all of it! You are doing and will continue to do a great job with your perfect little man! Happy Shower Week, momma and welcome to the club!!