Jingling my way through gifts on a “pregnant” budget with “pregnant” energy

So, as you know, I am a fundraiser.  My largest event I coordinate is the Jingle Bell Run/Walk which was Saturday, December 13.  I work really hard on that event and feel like I can’t truly relax and focus on anything else until it is over.

On Saturday, December 13, at 1 p.m., I started thinking about what I wanted to get my friends and loved ones for Christmas.  Those who know me know I am not a “nice” gift type.  I like to be thoughtful, and crafty.  I want people to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my present to them.  It makes me feel good!

Saturday was a day to lay around, but Sunday was a different story.  I spent about 30 minutes over breakfast writing down the people I needed to buy gifts for, and what I wanted to give them.  I would love to make everyone’s gifts, but with a week and a half to go until Christmas, I had to be practical, and fiscally responsible.

So, I have 11 nieces and nephews!   Lance and I can’t afford to give gifts to all of them so we pick a family gift every year.  I found this cute gift idea on Pinterest to do a Ice Cream Social Gift Basket.  The baskets are filled with ice cream toppings like gummy bears, Oreos, M&M’s, hot fudge, ice cream shake straws, and waffle bowls.  Just add ice cream!  To top it off we got each family a movie to watch together.  Total cost per family: $30-$35.


I also try to listen closely throughout the year to see what people say they need, or that I notice they could use.

Essentials: I went to my brother, Stephen’s, for Thanksgiving and noticed he was missing a few kitchen essentials while he was cooking like: salt and pepper grinders, an olive oil bottle, and a garlic press.  I love buying for him because I know he will get good use out of the things I get him.  Total cost: $40

Personal Touch with Time:  My in-laws just started feeding their dog a gluten free diet, so dog food is super expensive.  We have a dehydrator, so we are making Sammy some gluten free dog treats with sweet potatoes! Total cost: $4.  Total time: 4 hours.  They will appreciate it, and so will Sammy!

Uncle Sammy and Max playing outside

Uncle Sammy and Max playing outside

Milestones:  Most of my friends have had big life moments in 2014.  It’s easy to find a way to store and display those memories for them by making something out of things like:  a wine cork, saved speech, or even a framed picture.  Preserving memories is the sweetest way to show someone you care.


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