$25 DIY Mantel Decor !

It is just that time of year :  Always movin’, shakin’, and makin’!  I am so excited that this year I live in a home with a mantel!  I have always dreamt of hanging stockings and decorating the mantel as the seasons and holidays pass through the year.  Now that it is a reality –  so is the idea of PAYING for shiny pieces, candles, and fillers.  I am a girl on a constant budget (and especially around the holidays)- so I have come  to know the world of DIY and the Dollar Tree very well.   Here is my new holiday mantel for $25.00 !

Please don’t mind the disheveled stockings and  tree topper resting to the right, awaiting his home on the throne!

Everything I bought was purchased from the Dollar Tree and Michael’s Crafts.  The letters, the adhesive, and the glitter flakes were purchased on sale at Michael’s for about $18 bucks (don’t forget Michael’s ALWAYS has coupons).  The rest (three sets of color balls, a faux pine garland, a short strand of white lights, and glass cylinders of varying heights)  were all from the Dollar Tree! (If you do not have stockings or stocking hooks – the Dollar Tree DOES!).  In the end I only needed one can of adhesive, with much to spare!


I could not manage to get a picture with out my little ‘helper’.


  • Spray the adhesive close to the letter’s to make a wet base.  Dump on the glitter flakes!  Allow to dry for 5 minutes.  Knock loose the gold flake that does not stay.  Spray a “further away”/lighter coat and reapply the glitter.  This should make for maximum coverage.
  • Next time I will first spray the wooden letters with gold spray paint so that when glitter falls it will be less noticeable.
  • I really enjoy the three dimensional texture on the letters, but to reserve them for next year I will add a few layers of Mod-Podge before packing them away!

Here are a few mod-podge finishes. I like a heavy shine for this project!

Happy Crafting !


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