Our Love Story

My husband and I met at a keg party my freshman year of college. He was a senior, played football, had a nice car, and the most charming personality. We hung out often but never had the “boyfriend, girlfriend” title. After he graduated we stayed very good friend, we formed a bond I have never had with anyone else, we shared secrets, we knew things about each other our other friends never knew.

My junior year Nick moved to South Jersey to work in Atlantic City. He bought a house, made friends, and made a life for himself. I was still in college, dating a guy I knew wasn’t right for me and the one person I wanted to be with was so far away. I eventually broke things off with my college boyfriend, and one week later Nick and I were a couple.


Barbados, our favorite getaway location!


After I graduated I moved to New Jersey to be with my new Fiance’. We had a perfect little house, I had a job but was looking to start my career in public relations, and we were madly in love! In the blink of an eye that all ended…Nick got laid off from his casino job and our wedding was in just a few months. We moved back to the Lehigh Valley one month before our wedding. We both started new jobs and life was back on track.


Our amazing wedding day!

Ten short months after our wedding we found out we were expecting our first baby. That’s when it all sunk in! We were adults with jobs, cars, a house, and now…a baby!! My love for Nick grew even more after I saw him look at Sydney for the first time. He melted and I have never seen him look happier. When Syd was just five months old we found out we were expecting again! Again Nick’s heart melted when he saw our second little girl, Elliot. My love for him changed completely after the girls were born, there was something different about it.

Through many personal struggles, two babies, three moves, and tons of happiness and excitement, there is no one else in the world I would want to share this crazy life with! He is my soulmate, my everything, my secret keeper and the one person I want to grow old with.


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