Sick mom here…

Since Thanksgiving, we have had at least one person in our home who has been sick…right now, I’m the winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Check back next week for how I plan to tackle my Spring organizing!



My heart is full

A few weeks back, I decided that I was going to try to be more realistic with what I can accomplish in a weekend  by creating a Weekend Wishlist.  Well, I have really stuck to my guns, and have focused on being more realistic about crossing things off my to-do list while spending quality time with Miles and Lance.  This weekend we did laundry, groceries, and spent time with friends.  It was fabulous!


Sundays are always bitter-sweet for me.  The end of the weekend marks five long days without my baby.  Since today was Valentine’s Day, and my late Grandfather’s Birthday, emotions ran high and happy and sad tears were shed.  There was one constant feeling I had throughout the day, though.  That feeling was, my heart is full.  It’s a remarkable feeling to be bubbling over with love.  How incredibly sweet it is to be a mother.  I never imagined that Valentine’s Day could feel any better.

Quick, Easy Valentines Day Treat

Ahhh, Valentines Day, one of my favorite holidays as a child! I loved decorating my “mailbox,” receiving Valentines and of course the treats! Chocolate is my favorite thing besides coffee, and you can’t have Valentines Day without cholocate.

This year I volunteered to bring cookies in for the girls’ parties but I didn’t want to send in something store bought but I also didn’t want to send a ton of time baking. That’s when I found the perfect treat!  Valentine Wafer Cookies.

What you’ll need:

-Microwave (I did mine on the stovetop)

-Wax paper

-Vanilla wafer cookies

-Dolci fruit dip



-melt your Dolci fruit dip and remove from heat; be sure not to over heat. I find that I can control it better if I melt it on the stovetop.

-Dip the wafer cookie in the melted Dolci dip. Place on wax paper.

-Pour on the sprinkles! Allow to cool.


Yep, they’re that easy and the kids loved them!



The sickest winter, EVER!

I mean “sick” in the literal sense.  Between Lance, Miles and I, we have all been sick this winter at least 12 times.  Why?  DAY CARE!  There has not been a weekend where Miles, Lance and I have all been well since he started day care.  Please tell me it get’s better!

I have taken Miles to the pediatrician at least once every two weeks since September.  We have spent a small fortune on co-pays.  Not to mention the money I am wasting for time in daycare when he is home sick.   I just keep telling myself, something has got to give.

Saturday night, Miles was vomiting and had diarrhea, a fever of 103.4 and a nasty cough.  Lance and I switched off holding him for hours since that was the only way he would sleep and stop crying.  As I hoof it into the pediatrician again tomorrow (I was just there Friday because Miles had a rash), I need to remind myself of all the parents who have a terminally or chronically ill child and be incredibly thankful that my son will get better.

I do feel bad for Miles, though.  When there’s nothing I can do for him, it makes me feel bad for having to keep him in daycare. I did find this article which made me feel a little bit better.  According to this study, kids go through this whenever they enter a group setting. It may be at 3 months and it may be in kindergarten.  At least Miles won’t be missing important lesson plans, and he won’t remember feeling so horrible.  I guess that makes me feel better….maybe.

My life, my love, my Bridal Party!

Everyday the kindly reminds me that the days until our wedding day are quickly disappearing (214 to be exact).    Although I am confident that I will be able to get it all done- it certainly has not been with out help, encouragement, and recommendations.  My bridal party has been my reference each time I am unsure, for dress shopping, and vendor recommendations.     Besides the idea of marrying the love of my life (I still can not believe I am so lucky) – sharing this process with my closest friends has been the best part thus far.   I would have canceled the day already had I not been able to vent to each one separately about my concerns.   Here is my CREW- whom all I love so dearly!


Each girl got a small gift bag, with a bracelet, and a few pieces of candy with clever sayings – the bracelet was tied in a knot with a note that says “I cant TIE THE KNOT, with out you by my side”, a ring pop “He POPED the question, now it’s my turn” and some gum “He may be marrying me- but now hes STUCK with you!”


A gift for Taylor!

My sisters are my Matron and Maid of Honor – and I am so blessed to have these natural born organizer’s to help me along the way.  They know me inside and out, and every single life experience who has built the women I am.  I have never felt luckier than when I take a look at my family.  Our love and loyalty is thick and strong, and it never waivers.  There is no judging nor censoring.  We rest on each other often, and never think twice.  I love these ladies with every ounce of energy in me.

mar StevieBMAIDs

My NEW Sisters (Michael’s Sister) Beth and Tricia.  There is no other way I would like to start our forever friendship than having them each be by are side to help and support us on our wedding day.  (BONUS:  I get the worlds CUTEST flower girl, Tricia’s daughter Taylor- yay!)  I still can’t believe a family this wonderful, smart, and loving is there with arms open to invite me in.  I didn’t know I could love another family as my own, until I met the Slick/Schuyler clan.  I have instantly felt a part, and look forward to every event that allows us to get closer.

tricia beth

My college roommate, best friend, and sorority ‘little sister’ Amber.  I always thank her for being there in the weirdest/changing time of my life and still loving me!  We have never grown apart, despite how vastly our lives have changes post college.  She is as honest as you will ever find, and keeps me straight!


And of course my ‘Ride or Dies’ – Meagan, Kristina, Katie, and Carolyn.  My inseparable/no matter what/no matter where  friends since Middle School. Co-Author’s of  5andwhine!  I can’t be happy if things are well with me and these girls.  They are so important to me, and I am so proud of how tight our bond has continued over the years.  From our first beers to first babies, we have been there through it all.

meag kitty carolKristmegsbday8

I love you all and I am so proud to have you stand beside me!

#SeeYouOnTheSlickSide 6-11-16

A party for a cause! (a little feels too)

Last year in July Myself, my fiance, and our once roommate Jeff hosted a birthday party for the 3 of us.  Our birthdays are about 2 weeks apart and we thought it was a good way to see all of our friends- maybe even justify some travel for a few.  Jeff has a great amount of friends from out of state who all agreed to come.  Because of their travel commitment we wanted to make it an extra special party and decided to host our very first seafood boil!  It was the most fun!  There was only one thing missing…

Just days before the party 5andwhine Meagan‘s grandfather – Paul Snyder (also goes by “Red“) passed away from his long 4 year battle with ALS – Lou Gehrigs Disease.  Instead of partying all through the night Meagan was off to send her dear sweet grandfather off on his next journey.  “Paw-Paw” was the sweetest and kindest man.  Our entire hometown knew him it feels.  Meagan’s family has always had a way of making me feel like a part of theirs- even her grandparents.  I had worked some awesome fundraisers with him – and he never let me forget how great he thought I was.

Not quite a year later our best friend Niki (who lives here in Pittsburgh) lost her father to this same damned disease and with not nearly the notice as his disease progressed quickly.  Although I was just a bit too late on my transition to Pittsburgh in time to meet him – people talk about George Wolford like he was the man, the father, the husband, and the friend of your dreams.  A man through and through- he could build, fix, fish, and party.

This disease has quickly and cruelly taken the patriarchs of my best friends families.  Because of this- it has taken pieces of our hearts that we fight to full-fill each year by raising money for the ALS foundation of Western PA.    We stormed through our fundraising goal of $2, 000 and proudly raised $7, 45o dollars last year!  We want to the world to know how angry we are- and how sad we are, and that if in ANY way we can help another family we will do our best to help.

So this year I dedicated the new annual seafood boil party to our team goal.  We hosted a Seafood Boil for a cause!  We had the same concept of the year before but asked our friends for a suggested donation of $10.00- or whatever they could afford to contribute!  Here are a few photos from our amazing evening (and YAY!  Carolyn made it from all the way across the state!)


image image image image image image image image image image image image



The Walk to Defeat ALS is in Pittsburgh on Saturday, August 22, at Point State Park at 10 a.m. Our team, Paul Snyder and The Wolford Warriors, is walking in memory of George B. Wolford (who passed away on November 11, 2014), and Paul (Red) Snyder (who passed away in June 17, 2014). It’s a tremendous honor to recognize these two men on this day, and we ask that you join our team, and consider making a donation to fund research, advocacy, and programs for those in pain.

Last year with support of our friends and family we grew a walk team of 50+ and fund raised $7, 450.00 ! This year it is our goal to surpass this with 55 walkers on a goal of $8,000.00 !

You can join our team and donate online

Or donate via direct mail by writing a check out to The ALS Association and mailing it to :
ALS Assoc- Western PA Chapter
ATTN: Kristi Marsili
416 Lincoln Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15029

We hope that you will join us to celebrate George Wolford and Paul (Red) Snyder, and help us fight this painful disease.

George and Paul’s Family and Friends


***Please note our $600 raised at the party has not yet been deposited into the team site! 

Soaking Up Summer

We’re trying to make the best of the last few weeks of our summer vacation, filling our days with last minute trips, family time, and several projects around the house.  I hope you’re able to take some time and soak up all that the summer of 2015 has to offer!

Family tunmy time!

Ainsley loves the football her nephews bought her!

Dog days of summer


Cousin love!





Today I couldn’t stop thinking about how BUSY I am.  How STRESSFUL it is.  I have celebrations for my friends all over the calendar – new jobs, new babies, new houses, another birthday, another baby, a visit to family, or family is visiting, a wedding to plan, a dog to keep after.  The list goes on and on and on.  The thought of a blog post- just another thing to do.

When skimming through pinterest to find an easy meme to post I was reminded how lucky I am to have so much to keep me busy.

I am surrounded by more friends and family than I can keep up with!  I have a home that needs cleaned, and money to pay the bills!  Although the list is long and growing – today I will instead remember that it could be worse.  It could be that I have none of these things.



Here’s to a new week, with more celebrations!

Our final attempts to get ready to become parents.


With it being Memorial Day Weekend, and us not having any family or friends who stayed in the area, it gave us the opportunity to not only prepare some final things before the baby gets here but also to spend some quality time together.  Lance and I kicked off the weekend with a much-needed date night which included, dinner out at a restaurant, and a trip to the mall so Lance could get some new clothes.  Every day ended up being a mixture of “final preparation” as well as some fun things for us to do, and I think it gave us the opportunity to enjoy one another’s company and appreciate what we can accomplish together…just the two of us.

Here are some final things we did to prepare for the baby, which you may not think of:

1. I re-organized my hospital bag and made it two bags.  One bag is for labor….what we will walk in with.  It includes: a robe, slippers, a recording of the baby’s heartbeat and a sonogram picture, and some reading materials, a water bottle, and my birth plan.  The second bag has all of our toiletries and clothes to wear home as well as clothes, and blankets for the baby (including a little knit lion outfit I want to get professional pictures of him in).

2. We made everything for the baby and for me accessible.  All of my clothes are usually on our second floor, and our bedroom is on the first.  We brought essential baby items downstairs, like onesies, diapers, wipes, diaper genie, blankets, towels and things for bathing as well as the glider and pack and play (which he will sleep in) and set everything up in our room.   We also brought my sundresses, lounge wear, and comfy nursing necessities and found a home for them in Lance’s dressers.  This will allow me to be more independent after the baby get’s here especially after Lance goes back to work.

3. Cleaned and got ready for guests.  Now I know what you’re thinking…I have gone too far, right?  Okay, but listen to my reasoning, here.  I like to have a clean house.  I find it stressful to have a messy one.  Lance helped me clean the bathrooms and all of the floors in the house while I made the guest room beds.  You never know when family will want to come see the baby an ours live far away.  I just wanted to be prepared so it wasn’t stressful for me later.  I know no one expects me to have a clean house now, or even after the baby get’s here, but it makes me feel good.

4. I did something I have always wanted to do.  I have always wanted fresh herbs and a few veggies, but our wild-life inhabited yard has always made things difficult.  At 37 weeks pregnant, I can’t really do major yard work, either, so we got some flower boxes and some fresh herbs and I planted away.  I made sure to sit down in a chair and drink plenty of water under our porch umbrella, and filled the flower boxes with potting soil on top of a table (instead of on the ground).  I was comfortable, happy, and didn’t need Lance’s help!  Not to mention, we will have tomatoes, lettuce, green peppers, sage, mint, rosemary, lavender, and basil this summer!

20150524_144230-2 20150524_163628

5. We had fun together.  We ate a lot, had ice-cream almost every night, and slept in every day.  We went to dinner not once, but twice and sat outside together to watch the dogs play.  With our other to-do’s, there was just enough time to enjoy one another and to truly treasure some of our last moments alone as a family of 4…Lance and I and our two dogs, Max and Koa.


6. We took care of our pets.  We washed our dogs, and got their nails clipped, and brushed them.  We called and made sure they were up to date on their shots, and got the due dates for their next ones.  We are good to go until August with their vaccines, etc. so no need to take action, now.


Don’t forget your “treasure bag!”

Grocery shopping is one of my least favorite things to do and unfortunately I passed that down to my children. The girls are generally patient but there have been some trips that have been particularly trying. I recently started making “treasure bags” for my oldest daughter; she is at the age where she does not like to sit still unless she is coloring, or watching “Frozen.” These “treasure bags” have been a lifesaver for us. I pack it before we leave for the store, but for each shopping trip there are different items in it. I take items from around our house, and usually pack a little snack and drink. Sometimes I will purchase items from the dollar section of Target to save for future “treasure bags.”
Here’s a look at this week’s bag:


I included:

-two books: both from the dollar section of Target.
-snack and water
-“Frozen” stickers
-photos of our family
-a coloring book and crayons

This simple little bag has made grocery shopping for my family much easier.  Now, if only I could make an adult one with wine and rerun’s of “Real Housewives…”