ew, ew, ew, don’t like it

Daily mealtimes at my house are like cage fights; me vs. the girls. Sydney thinks everything is yucky or as she says “ew, ew, ew, don’t like it.” She only eats peanut butter and jelly, french fries and donuts; good choices if you ask me. However, fruits and veggies are much needed for a toddler who does not sit still EVER! Elliot is my snack baby, she loves snacks, any kind, but when it comes to meals, forget it. She would eat a whole tub of puffs if I let her, but put a lasagna in front of her and she will end up feeding most of it to the dog.


Some nights we give in, and let them munch on whatever they like. Some nights we bribe them with “Mickey Mouse, Clubhouse” and some nights we resort to Gerber meals.

Gerber meals have been a God send at our house. If your child has never tried them, go out and buy some. Their meals range from meatballs and veggies to mac and cheese with carrots and peas. My girls usually devour them. I’m not sure what they put in them that makes them so good but if I would make the same meal and put them side by side, nine times out of ten, my girls would pick Gerber over Mommy. Works for me…then I don’t have to cook. Ha


Homemade “nuggets weren’t cutting it! Donuts for dinner!

I have also scoured Pinterest and found a few meals they will eat. Most of them involve lots of cheese and some sort of pasta sauce. However, I have found that I can make them a bit healthier by using veggie pasta, heart healthy sauce, and fat free cheese.

When all else fails, cereal and peanut butter and jelly are great! It fills their little belly’s and the peanut butter counts as a protein.

Mealtimes should not be stressful, they should be about family coming together at the end of the day. So next time your little one wants a plate full of french fries rather than the amazing roast you spent all day cooking, just pile those fries high and be thankful your babe will have a full tummy tonight.


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