Haunted Halloween Housewarming

On Saturday we had our “Haunted Housewarming”.  To get ready for the party we’ve been tiding up around the house, picking up some furniture here and there and digging and demolishing the yard.  I sent out an evite which is so economical and a great way to reach everyone without spending the extra money on stamps.  From the invitation I actually decided to go with a red and black theme.  I scoured Target, Michaels, even borrowed things from some of my friends to really make the whole house feel “Halloweenie”

On the menu we had the following…

Parmesan Cups with Meatballs a la hubby

Spinach balls

Apples, peanut butter, and mini mallows made to look like teeth

My famous lil’ smokies

Spinach and feta croissants

Hellllooo! Sangria Tinto!


I had so much fun incorporating our own very competitive game of pictionary (girls vs. boys) we won’t talk about who ended up winning!  We even did a costume contest!  Check out the winners Kailey and Jeff (he made the diving bell by hand!)

Overall a fun time was had by all!  I wonder what next year will bring?


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