Game Night Snacks!

Michael and I have some friends that like to have the periodic “game night” !  Its such a great time.  We look forward to sharing snacks and stories, have a few cold ones, and tease each other for hours while we all try to win!  I enjoy this time with friends very much- and always try to contribute by bringing a few munchies to thank our hosts.  The week of this past occasion I was busy as usual- and I was in need for something quick/easy/cheap  (I mean, when are we not) to throw together quickly in between Friday rush hour and our game night start time.

Of course pinterest will always be there for you in your time of need.  I introduce to you the easiest snack I have ever made in my entire life:

Chocolate Pretzel Bites !

This takes 2-3 ingredients and no more than 10 minutes.  What more can you ask for- except to hope your friends will love them (and that I believe was accomplished!)


  • Small bite size pretzels (In my opinion “Snyder’s Butter Snaps” will ONLY do).
  • Your favorite type of Hershey Kiss (I prefer the semi-sweets or special darks).
  • Your choice of topper (This time I used Reeses’ Pieces)

*In the past I have used Rolos in place of Kisses and nuts in place of candies!  You might even try red and white peppermint striped kisses with red and green M&Ms for a holiday theme! Get Creative!

  • Preheat oven at 325
  • Line cookie sheet with parchment paper
  • Line your sheet with as many pretzels as you have candy to top
  • Unwrap and add a kiss to each pretzel (this is the hardest part!)
  • Bake for 3 minutes
  • Top with final candy
  • Let cool




Let’s get started!



I ran out of kisses so utilized my emergency back up Costco sized bag of chocolate chips from the pantry- not as pretty, but my friends would say “Oh I got lucky, extra candy!”


I tried first to hold the candy topper between my thumb and index finger, and with out releasing press into the kiss- I soon learned you need to drop the candy just above the kiss, and then press the candy topper with one finger.


Final result- adorable, and SO tasty!


This is the perfect game night snack, no fuss, no mess.   Your hands are mostly free to hide your cards- it only takes two fingers to pop one of these guys in your mouth!


Enjoy !


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