Briabay, Headband Happiness

My little girl has crazy hair.  In fact, she even has a onesie that says “Crazy hair, don’t care” and it couldn’t be anymore true!  She was born with a full head of hair and that hair is hard to control between her naps, feedings, and play time.  The struggle is real, my friends!  Check out this picture of her before bed last night.  Terrible lighting, but you get the idea…

Headbands have been a lifesaver in helping to tame her crazy mane, but finding the perfect one has taken some trial and error.  I’ve purchased headbands from Etsy shops, local boutiques,, etc., but it wasn’t until I ordered a headband from Briabay that I was finally satisfied.  My first priority when selecting a headband is always comfort.  I want Ainsley to be able to wear it all day, without having to worry about it being uncomfortable from the scratchy fabric or from it being the wrong size for her head.


When my first set of headbands arrived, I loved how they were packaged.  Each headband was individually wrapped in tissue paper and tied with a cute little piece of twine.  It was like Christmas morning, opening them one by one.

Another thing I quickly noticed was the attention to detail.  Listen, I only took one textile class in college so I’m no expert, but I can assure you some careful planning, sewing, and love went into making each headband just perfect.  Look at how the pattern lines up down the middle seam.  That wasn’t an accident, trust me!

Most importantly, the headbands are constructed from a soft and stretchy material that is comfortable for Ainsley to wear.  They even hold their shape after being worn for most of the day.

The Briabay website has a variety of colors and patterns to choose from – here are my Fall favorites!  In addition to the bow style featured below, many of the headbands also come in a knot or turban style.


Aztec – Headband


Mustard – Headband


Black / White Stripes – Multi-Color Bow Knot Headband

Briabay has been kind enough to offer our readers 10% off during the month of September by simply entering the code friendsof5andwhine when checking out.  And, if you want to sweeten the deal for even more discounts, don’t forget to sign up for their mailing list.

A special thank you to Amie for her willingness to let me review her headbands.  If you’re interested in reading more about her story, be sure to check out the Briabay website.  She’s a mom who loves to make girls happy!

Happy shopping! 


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