Gwynnie Bee Review!

A few weeks ago I talked about I wrote about Gwynnie Bee the monthly clothing subscription, that I signed up through a free trial. I wanted to give everyone an update as to my thoughts, fit, and reaction to the product.

First things first the package comes in with pre-paid shipping bags to go back, that are at the bottom of the box.  The clothing is also wrapped in tissue, with each piece having a Gwynnie Bee hang tag.  I think these small touches are so important and make me believe that they want customers to have a great experience.

I have received two boxes so far and have found that things get to my house within 2 days time. As far as the fit and styles go, I’ve noticed that the dresses (and I’ve gotten all dresses) are a little too long. I’m 5′ 2″ and most of them fell below my knees and on me that is an awkward length.  Here are two of my favorites from my first box and my second box.  I had soooo many compliments on the parrot dress!



Another great feature is to expedite my shipping on my next box I go into my virtual closet and select to return my items and do a quick review.  I found that they shipped the next box pretty quickly.  I’m still not too sure about keeping the subscription.  Theses were the two pieces that I wore out of 8 pieces (some of them were either too long, big, or very unflattering prints for me).  I am getting a new box soon so hopefully this will help sway my decision!


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