Take a Chill Pill!


I work in a high-stress environment in my job.   Things are constantly changing, and I organize 3 fairly large events per year (including a 3,000 person 5K Run/Walk), as well as multiple volunteer committees.  At the end of the day I feel satisfied because I work for a non-profit and know my hard work is making a difference.  I told you in my first post, I needed to work on handling stress in my job.

The entire month of November is not an enjoyable time for me because there’s so much to do for my last event of the year – the Jingle Bell Run/Walk!  So, I don’t get excited for “the holidays” until Thanksgiving is over and we are half way to Christmas.

Lately, I have not had time or energy to exercise, but here is what I have been doing for myself:

1. Take a chill pill!  Okay, I don’t take any pills, but I do have a post-it note sitting right in front of my face on my window at my desk that says, “TAKE A CHILL PILL”.  This helps me remember that this is JUST A JOB!  Did you know that people are dying in Japan from working themselves to death!  It’s true!  It’s called Karoshi!  I heard about it from the documentary, Happy! 

2. I schedule massages for my most stressful times!  I have a monthly massage membership at Massage Envy.  I have wanted one for years.  I like to schedule them the day before a big event.  I used to wait and save them as a reward the day after, but this way is much better.  Why not treat yourself to an hour of relaxation when things are at their busiest?  This puts things into perspective, again.  It’s just a job.  I come first.

What do you do to relax or treat yourself, and when do you feel you “deserve” it?


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