Life is like a puzzle…everyone has a perfect spot!


Last Sunday I was called to church; I say “called” because although I am not a regular parishioner, when I do attend, God truly finds a way to speak to me or something I’m going through (big or little). Last Sunday was no different. The message was about how everyone in our church is part of puzzle, everyone plays a role, some people more than others; but no matter how big or how small that role is, it’s an important part of the puzzle.

Here’s how I reflected this onto my own life. I often struggle with being good enough…a good enough wife, a good enough mommy, a good enough friend, a good enough daughter, sister, aunt, granddaughter…you get the gist. What if I’m not doing enough. What if my husband needs me and my girls are taking away my attention. What if a friend needs me but feels like a bother when she may know I’m overwhelmed with things going on in my life. What if all Syd needs is hug but I’m too busy changing Elli’s poopy diaper to give her one. The list goes on and on.

Just a few of my puzzles!

Just a few of my puzzles!

No matter what “what if” I am facing I need to remember, I’m part of puzzle and at that point and time I’m doing my best to fill that puzzle spot and keep it! I’m doing my best in all aspects of my life. Yes, I probably could be better at making time for phone calls to my girlfriends, or not letting the laundry pile up or making sure my husband knows he is a top priority, but I’m trying!

As we get older our puzzle pieces may change, we may take on new roles like becoming a wife, mommy, a new job, a new hobby, a new friend, but God has put that puzzle in front of us for a reason. There is a spot that needs to be filled and he saved it just for us!


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