Soon it will be Christmas Day!

Of course I enjoy the holiday season, but never has it been that I get overly excited, giddy, can not stop talking about it.  Until this year.   As you get a little older, and a little wiser I suppose– you start to value the ‘little things.’

This year it all has felt so much more exciting.  Hearing the familiar Christmas tunes on the radio and watching social media threads fill with proudly decorated homes and yards has just filled my heart with happiness.   Maybe it’s because this year I am genuinely happy and grateful- and so I can appreciate when others have the chance to feel this way too.  Or maybe its the growing families I have been surrounded by- including my own.

This year it’s about making traditions more than just an idea but a ‘2nd annual’ reaffirmation that this is something our small family has now done more than once.  This year is about humming and singing carols to my new baby nephew dreaming of which will be his favorite one day.  This year is the last year I will carry my maiden name.

I can’t say for sure what has encouraged this excitement- but I can say, I am loving it!

Last year Michael and I erected our first Christmas tree.  With a limited collection of decorations, we promised to surprise each other each year with one new ornament.    Last night we set up our holiday decor and exchanged our little gifts.


What is your favorite holiday tradition?


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