The Final Countdown

This baby train is moving towards the station with only two shorts weeks left.  Where have the past 9 months gone?!?! With Baby M getting ready to arrive any day, I decided to put together a list of all the little things that I prepared before the big day.

Untitled copy

1. Pack your hospital bag-  There certainly isn’t shortage of lists to use when trying to decide what to pack in your hospital bag.  This one was my personal favorite, but I also asked for suggestions from experienced moms who have already perfected the art of packing a complete hospital bag.

2. Charge your camera-  This one is almost too easy….but make sure your camera is charged.  Oh, and don’t forget to empty those memory cards!  Chances are you’ll be taking a lot of pictures to document the few days you spend in the hospital.

3. Create a birth plan-  This one was actually recommended to us by our OBGYN and during the childbirth class we took a few weeks ago.  The hospital where I plan to deliver Baby M provided us with a 1-page form, but more detailed documents can be found online.

4. Finalize plans for pet(s)-  When the time comes for us to go to the hospital, we wanted the dogs to go somewhere where they felt safe and comfortable.  To some, this may mean taking your dogs to a “doogie daycare”, but for us, our dogs love to spend time at my parents’ house.  We lovingly refer to it as a “dog-cation.”   Endless treats, a huge backyard, and uninterrupted naps – can life get any better?

5. Stock the freezer- I’ve spent the past few weeks preparing several freezer meals that can be easily reheated when we return from the hospital.  My three favorites can be found here, here, and here.

6. Wash baby clothing/prep the nursery-  I’m not going to sit here and claim that everything is 100% done in the nursery, but I feel pretty darn good about the progress we’ve made.  Yes, the curtains still need to be ironed, and yes, we still don’t have closet doors, but I feel a sense of ease knowing that the crib is ready, the changing table is stocked, and baby bottles are washed and ready to use.

7. Finalize your work plans-  This one was a HUGE undertaking for me.  I spent countless hours typing page after page of substitute plans for my upcoming absence.  I just wanted to make sure everything is absolutely perfect for my kiddos while I’m away on maternity leave.

8. Rest, relax, and recharge— or try too!  To be honest, this has been the hardest thing for me to accomplish on this list.  But, little by little, I’m working to find the time to give my body the rest it needs (prenatal messages, manicures/pedicures, extra naps…check, check, check!)  After all, when the baby arrives, I have a feeling I’ll be wishing for a few extra minutes of peace and quiet on the couch or lounging in bed!

“Mommy Club” members – do you have any suggestions and/or ideas of things to do within the last few weeks of your pregnancy?


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