Scents for Cents

Have you ever heard of a cricket box?  Yeah….I hadn’t either until last week when I stumbled across these three cute vintage boxes on an online Facebook page.  I knew I had to have them but I needed to first think of where I was going to put them and also what I could use them for.  I searched online and found that one of the traditional uses was to store potpourri….and I had my solution!

This quick and easy project took only minutes to create, and the fragrance of the potpourri can be changed depending on my mood or the season.  Right now two of the boxes feature a holiday scent, while I plan to place the third box in a linen closet filled with freshly scented potpourri.

Potpourri boxes

The unique design and variations in the brass are clear indicators that the boxes are hand-stamped.  The largest box is around 4″ and the smaller two boxes measure between 2″-3″.  (One additional note: the brass could be polished to achieve a more polished look, but I felt the vintage look matched the other accessories in my home.)


The total cost of this project was $14.97.  Here is a short breakdown:

  • Cricket boxes (purchased online, similar boxes can be found here): 3 for $10.00
  • Mesh bags (AC Moore): 3 for $1.47
  • Balsam potpourri packet (AC Moore): 1 for $1.00
  • Seaspray potpourri packet (AC Moore): 3 for $2.50 (The original price was $4.99, but I used a printable 50% off coupon.)


I simply cut the top of the potpourri packets and dumped the contents into one of the mesh bags.  You can see from the pictures above and below that the size of the potpourri depends on the manufacturing company.   The seaspray bag (below) had much finer particles, but the mesh bag was still able to hold them.


Once the mesh bags were filled with the two different scents I selected, I simply folded over the tops and closed the lids.


Easy peasy!  What holiday scents do you enjoy?


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