The sickest winter, EVER!

I mean “sick” in the literal sense.  Between Lance, Miles and I, we have all been sick this winter at least 12 times.  Why?  DAY CARE!  There has not been a weekend where Miles, Lance and I have all been well since he started day care.  Please tell me it get’s better!

I have taken Miles to the pediatrician at least once every two weeks since September.  We have spent a small fortune on co-pays.  Not to mention the money I am wasting for time in daycare when he is home sick.   I just keep telling myself, something has got to give.

Saturday night, Miles was vomiting and had diarrhea, a fever of 103.4 and a nasty cough.  Lance and I switched off holding him for hours since that was the only way he would sleep and stop crying.  As I hoof it into the pediatrician again tomorrow (I was just there Friday because Miles had a rash), I need to remind myself of all the parents who have a terminally or chronically ill child and be incredibly thankful that my son will get better.

I do feel bad for Miles, though.  When there’s nothing I can do for him, it makes me feel bad for having to keep him in daycare. I did find this article which made me feel a little bit better.  According to this study, kids go through this whenever they enter a group setting. It may be at 3 months and it may be in kindergarten.  At least Miles won’t be missing important lesson plans, and he won’t remember feeling so horrible.  I guess that makes me feel better….maybe.


The virus is upon us….

milesLance and I have been discussing different sleep training methods. After much consideration, we adopted something that was a lot like the ferber method. The basic gist is you let them cry a little so they learn how to pacify and comfort themselves at bedtime so you’re not always on call (like when a pacifier falls out).

I had a really hard time with this idea. Like most moms, I already feel like I don’t spend enough time with my son, and now bedtime has to be a strict regime of crying and timed-condolences.

We intended to start the sleep training but first we needed to move him to his own nursery; as opposed to our room. We decided to come when he cried for the first few nights and then start the sleep training.

He did super the first 3 nights but then he got a virus with a high temp and needed us every second.

Last night, for the third night in a row, I got 3 hours of sleep. Work has been super busy, and while Miles seems to be on the mend, I have a touch of the virus, and Lance is sick as a dog.

As I am typing this post,  I’m sitting on the edge of my bed pumping since little guy isn’t eating enough while Lance is in bed downstairs with 103 temp, and I’m hoping this virus doesn’t affect me the same way.
Miles is whimpering, chattering, and yelling in his nursery, and all I can think is how convenient it would be if we had already done the sleep training and I had mastered the “Cry It Out” phase.

Such is life!