Living Room Part 2!

Does anyone else feel like they can never just finish one room?  Well I am determined to complete our living room come hell or high water.  This is a little bit of my inspiration but I think I need some more color!  I would also like to add three floating shelves and create a gallery wall.  Other DIY on the list is paint our dining room and our small third bedroom this winter!  Look out Home Depot and Ikea here I come!
living room part 2



Gifts for Your Gals under $50!

gifts under 50


gifts under 50

gifts under 50

Master Bedroom Inspo – Part 1

Months ago I painted our master bedroom a dark navy.  It turned out really well and I even put stripes on the back wall using a the same color but in high gloss.  I will admit I did not document this well so I didn’t blog about it previously.  I’m sure like a lot of women in America I moved on to other projects through out the house and well sort of forgot about attempting to finish the bedroom.  Well I got back on track after a labor day furniture sale perked my interest and motivated me to finally get an “adult bed“.  It’s a sueded material with a nail head design on the headboard.  I really love it and it is extremely sturdy!  My next project is to create curtains behind the bed which surround an unsightly chimney.  Here is a little mood board that will hopefully keep me on track!


Color that I chose for the walls – painting tip (use aluminum foil on the tray so you don’t ruin it and can reuse it just throw away the foil when your done! )

Bedroom Inspo


Trends to Try: Pre Fall

I know that it’s only August 13th but I have to say that I can feel Fall creeping in.  Everywhere from street fashion, the cooler temps, fall merchandise at the mall and the the every present Nordstrom pre-fall Instagram shots!  Here is my short preview of some of my favorite trends I just have to pick up this Fall.

  1. Fringe – what more can I say about fringe, I’ve always been drawn to it.  I think this also coincides with my love of tie-dye (which I will never get over by the way).  Anything from a skirt to a bag (which I already own) to a cool long fringe necklace
  2. Oversized scarves -last year I never picked up an oversized blanket scarf.  I have a few ponchos but I really wanted a scarf but it just never happened.  this year I want to make it a point to work it into my work wardrobe as well as my everyday.
  3. Color of the year Marsala – the pantone color of the year was Marsala (a deep wine purple burgundy color).  It’s really amazing and seems like it would be a very easy color to wear.
  4. All of the ankle boots – last year I bought only one pair and I loved them.  They were perfect with so many things from dresses and tights to skinny jeans.  I am on the hunt for flat and heeled all black, or I’ll opt for these leopard prints!
  5. The adult backpack – Why did I not think of this before!  I am obsessed with looking for a roomy backpack to go to and from work.  I like to carry one bag with all of my things and stuff my lunch bag inside as well.

Trends to Try: Pre Fall


One Dress: Two Ways

Spring Fever - Work Wear

navy is the new black…1st round

Last weekend we decided to repaint the bathroom.  When it hit me I needed to redo our bedroom.  I had been toying with the idea but I was set on finishing the living room first.  Well I’m still on the search for the most amazing oversized club chair that won’t break the bank (more on that in a few weeks).  After painting the bathroom and in between Pinterest breaks I found the inspiration that I simply needed to have.  I had my hubby take down the odd shelves that were on one side of my bed and the vision just starting pouring out.  I knew I wanted to go with either a deep tone probably in the blue family or a very light grey to contrast with our woodwork white woodwork (that also needed repainted).


Do you like the weird concrete chimney thing in the middle of our accent wall??

On Tuesday night we headed out to Home Depot after I spotted a must have color in the HGTV magazine (ps if you haven’t seen this mag you need to get your hands on it).  It was Deep Irish Sea by Ralph Lauren and it was so amazing but me being reluctant I went ahead with my original plan and purchased a very light grey sample as well.  We got it on the walls as soon as we got home and knew that deep navy cobalt was the winner!



Needless to say I painted the entire room and wood work this past weekend and the color against the white is so dreamy and romantic.  I am still in the process of finishing the accent wall so more on that next week.  I am starting to collect things to make the room cozy and more like our own.  I created an inspiration board of things that I’m feeling for our room.

What are your must have’s for having a soft and serene place to relax?

Great Gifts: BFF Edition

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Hope that everyone is gearing up for the weekend, I know I am.  With the holidays already approaching ( I know it comes sooner, and sooner each year) and the temps already near freezing I felt it was time for a holiday gift guide post.  It can be hard to come with the perfect gift for your BFF/BFF’s in my case.  With budgets, and finding the time and energy to get a thoughtful gift we sometimes brush this off as a necessary errand instead of looking at it as a fun way to show them how we care.  I will be creating some gifting guides to help you ease into the holiday season and breath easier this winter.  This week I’ve complied some gifting ideas ranging from a $9 candle from Forever 21 to the a magnificent Kate Spade evening bag!  Check back to see what gift ideas I come up with for your closest friends and family!

Great Gifts for your BFF's