DIY Pallet Patio Furniture

I once saw a wine rack made of old refurb pallets selling for upwards of 60 bones!  Ever since – I have had a desire to try a Pallet upcycle project.  Pinterest of course encouraged me that I too can certainly do it!

The problem is – once you want a pallet- where do you find it?  And of course-  I decided the ‘easiest’ project would be one that required TWO pallets.  Luckily I ended up with 3 pallets (I really love working in Property Management, you seem to stumble over many things you might need).  I am glad I did because they were all a variety of conditions and heights.  For this project they needed to be the exact same height, so having a few pallets to work with allowed me options for finding the right fit.

The project took about one entire day.

I (we) used 3 cement stepping blocks at $3.30 each.  A quarter can of left over white ceiling paint.  A drill with a sanding bit, a reciprocating saw, and drill with about 10 screws .  The only thing we did not already have was the cement blocks, so in the end it cost no more than $10.00!

  • I will say it was a lot harder than I expected and the project I thought would be my own quickly became Michael’s project as well.
  • We had to do a decent amount of demo to the old pallets.  This part is quit hard considering they are full of old rusty nails and the damaged wood.

    Why did I think the pallets were just going to stand up next to each other and be perfectly the same size?

  • Michael cut the pallets to the same height of 40″ and removed all the old nails.
  • I spent 2 hours or so sanding down the old pallet wood to avoid splinters as we worked.  We did need to use a palm sander to get in between the pallet as well.
  • I did buy spray paint and spray primer – but it was a waste.  Eventually we went to the basement to unload something we had stowed away from past projects.  We spent a couple more hours painting away.  This is also tough because you can see inside the pallets.  So we had to paint every single surface.
  • After the paint dried we stood up our pallets, Michael drilled a few holes and secured the two pallets together and we set the stepping stones on top.

Here she is … I LOVE IT!