Pink and Teal- Nursery Reveal

Months ago I pulled together the plans for the nursery I had dreamed about for my baby girl. I wanted the room to be warm and inviting. I selected paint colors and furniture that would allow the room to be transformed as she started to grow and form her own sense of style.

There are a few odds and ends that still need to be completed (hang the painted closet doors, iron the curtains…) but the room is fully functional and is getting plenty of use.

Above the changing table are two shelves that display gifts, momentos from my childhood, and the guestbook from my baby shower. I picked up the dresser from Ikea and I absolutely love it!  The dresser has tons of storage and is the perfect height for changing diapers.

In between the windows, I hung three Ikea bookshelfs to display some of the books I  received as gifts at my baby shower. Ken and I  have a lot of reading to do with our little girl. 🙂 The glider in the right corner of the room was a big splurge. I wanted comfort and functionality, and that’s exactly what we got with this glider.  Totally worth the money!

Selecting the perfect crib was quite the process! If your interested, check out this post where I described the entire process.   The handmade mobile adds some fun and whimsy to this side of the room and was SUPER easy to make!

The final side of the room is the closet. I purchased an Ikea bookshelf to store the unbelievable amount of baby items we have. Eventually, I plan to use this bookshelf for toy storage, but for now, it’s helping me keep everything organized!

So there you have it! What your favorite room in your house? Have you ever decorated a nursery?


DIY: Felt ball mobile

Around the holidays, I noticed that several of my favorite bloggers incorporated felt balls into their seasonal decor.  I loved the whimsical feel and started looking for ways to include them in my nursery design.  (You may have even noticed the mobile I included in the nursery mood board I created a few months ago.)  The Etsy versions are super cute, but didn’t really fit into my budget so I decided to try to make my own.  It was a quick and easy project (30-45 minutes MAX) and I’m really happy with the results.


DIY felt mobile materials


  • 1 pack embroidery yarn (white) (cost: $.40)
  • 1 pack embroidery needles  (cost: $1.50)
  • 2 packages of felt yarn balls ( I ordered mine here.) (cost: $9.50)
  • 1 pack of heart charms (plastic beads could also be used) (cost: $ 1.50)
  • Plastic white mobile ( I ordered this one– make sure you order the extended version!) (cost: $12.99)
    • Total cost: $25.89


  • Open the packs of felt balls and determine the pattern you want to create for your mobile.  I decided to use a wide variety of colors to add a pop of color and interest to the room.  The middle two stings also contain one extra felt ball.


    Determine a pattern for the yarn balls.

  • Cut the embroidery yarn to the desired length and tie on the metal heart charm.  This will serve as the weight at the bottom and straighten out the yarn.
Metal charm

Add the metal charm to the bottom of the embroidery yarn.

Metal charm

  • On the other end of the yarn, use the embroidery needle to sting on the yarn balls.

Sting on the yarn balls.

  • When I added the large felt ball to the top of the embroidery yarn, I noticed that it started to slip.  As a quick fix, I tied a small knot for the large felt ball to rest on.  (See the picture below…)



  • Line up the completed string to ensure the yarn balls are evenly spaced.

Completed strings

  • Attach the completed strings to your mobile and enjoy! 🙂
completed mobile

DIY- felt mobile

Feelin’ the L.O.V.E!

1. Ya’ll know how to make a girl feel loved!  I have to admit, I’ve been behind on my blog reading this week so when I logged on this morning to upload my post, I was shocked to find two posts written about me.  The four girls that I share this blog with mean so much to me.  No matter the distance or time, we’re always able to come together to celebrate all of the many things that makes life so beautiful.  I am thankful for these gals everyday, and can’t wait to celebrate with them this weekend!

2.  The nursery got some love this weekend, thanks to my Hubby and sweet brother-in-law, Zach.  Zach has been staying with us for the past week and has been tremendously helpful with the odds and ends that we’ve been working on.  Our Ikea trip a few weekends ago was a great success and we were able to pick-up several large furniture pieces for the nursery, along with shelves and other accessories for the rest of the house.  I’m happy with the progress we made this weekend, and am anxious to begin decorating Baby M’s new room.  Below are some pictures of the boys in action!

Nursery helpers

Ken and Zach working on the shelves above the changing table.

Changing table

The new changing table, before decorating!


Soon these bookshelves will be filled with fun stories to share with our baby girl!

3. As Rachel and Kristina mentioned, my baby shower is this weekend.  I’ve been involved in the planning process (** crazy pregnant lady**) and I’m really happy with the items we’ve completed so far.  I’ll share a full rundown of my baby shower in the next few weeks, so stay tuned.  In the meantime, I’m excited to celebrate the healthy little girl, that keeps dancing like crazy in my belly, with all of the friends and family I care so much about.

I hope ya’ll have a great week and feel loved!


Nursery Bedding

I’m trying to remain calm, but the realization that Baby M could arrive in less than 80 days is absolutely terrifying to me!  I feel like we have so much to do to get everything ready….decorate nursery, pack our hospital bag, clean bottles, buy baby supplies, wash baby clothing…. I.AM.FREAKING.OUT!  I’m planning to focus on one thing at a time and check things off as they are completed.  I hope that this approach helps me stay on track for the April 7th due date!

Completing the nursery is at the top of my to-do-list. We seemed to be making process several months ago when we purchased the Baby Mod crib, but things had really started to slow down.  This weekend I received the crib sheets and now have a renewed focus on the nursery.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve found that ordering certain items online can be challenging.  Bedding in particular is difficult because it’s hard to determine the color, softness, and overall quality of the material.  But I really need your help in making the final selection! I’ve narrowed down my selection of crib sheets to the five choices below.  I plan to hang the picture in the background over the crib, so it’s important to me that the crib sheets are a good match.

Bedding options

Five bedding options…

 Option 1: Oliver B Print White Fuchsia

Hot pink circular crib sheet

Option 1: Hot pink circular crib sheet


 Option 2: Oliver B Print White Sandy Gray

Tan chevron crib sheet

Option 2: Tan chevron crib sheet


Option 3: Oliver B Print White Pink 

Pink floral crib sheet

Option 3: Pink floral crib sheet


Option 4: Oliver B White Pink 

Light pink chevron crib sheet

Option 4: Light pink chevron crib sheet


Option 5: Oliver B White Espresso

Brown circular crib sheet

Option 5: Brown circular crib sheet


Could you help a girl out, and vote for your favorite?