Nine months of fortune!

I have blogged a lot about my feelings about being a mother. I think it’s pretty clear I’m head over heels for Miles John Waltman. These past 9 months have been the most fulfilling, trying, and exciting months of my life. Every time I think I’m on top of things, he throws us a curve ball. I love my husband more than I ever have and am so incredibly impressed with his ability to grow into an even more incredible father than what I had imagined.

Miles is saying “Mama” and “Dada”. He has 2 teeth on the brink of coming in. He’s getting where he needs to go by rolling around, but not crawling quite yet. He will eat some baby food at daycare and sometimes for Lance, but he won’t eat any from me. He loves to play on the floor and he loves his doggies, Koa and Max. He can be a little temperamental and tends to be either really happy or really mad in just a few seconds.  His favorite toy right now is a barnyard toy from his Grammy.

We sat in the grass for the first time on Saturday, and he really enjoyed touching it. He also had fun touching trees rocks.  I’m excited to watch him explore outside this summer.   Here are a few pictures of our fun time!


Three Rivers Mothers’ Milk Bank Donation

I have been exclusively breastfeeding Miles for 8 months.  My supply has regulated over time, and I only produce about 30 extra ounces a week beyond what Miles drinks, but it wasn’t always this way.

At one point, I had so much extra milk, I could barely keep up with pumping.  I got extremely painful Mastitis a few times and thought about giving up.  My husband and I bought a deep freezer to store food, but quickly found out that my milk was taking over.


I was talking about my extra supply at daycare and a fellow mom named Sarah told me about Three Rivers Mothers’ Milk Bank. It took a little while to go through an approval process, but it was so worth it!  The great thing is once you’re approved, you can continue to donate as many times as you want to.  I can still keep enough milk on-hand in case of emergency, but none of my milk is going to waste.

I took my first load of milk over a few weeks ago and was overwhelmed with a feeling of extreme happiness. The nurse in the facility said that my milk would feed babies in the NICU at Magee for a month!


I’m still waiting to hear how many ounces it was, exactly.  The reason why they use the breast milk in the NICU is because it’s proven to help pre-mature babies with their digestive system; reducing their need for gastrointestinal surgery.  Read more about the science behind it, here, under “What Difference Does Breastmilk Make”.

Overall, it was an incredible feeling and I hope to donate a few more times this year!

When Mommy had a beer at 3 p.m.

So, we have gotten through about a month of daycare.  Miles goes Monday – Thursday for the entire day, and then on Fridays I work from home.  Each week I have felt like a child on Christmas Eve on Thursdays because I am so excited to have three days with him, and each week I have cried as the weekend comes to a close because I don’t want to take him back to daycare.


I will be the first to admit, I have been protective over our mother+son time together; not leaving much room for husband and wife time.  My emotions seem to overwhelm me even when I put him down for bed sometimes.  I feel like I am acting ridiculous. I literally don’t want to go to therapy because that would mean more time away from him.  On the other hand, I really enjoy my job and my work.  When I am thinking logically, I know that being a working mom is going to turn out fine.  We just can’t make it on one salary, or even a part time salary for me.


This weekend, my in-laws came to visit (Lance’s parents), and my extremely generous mother-in-law offered to watch Miles if we wanted to go out for a little bit.  I felt the anxiety rush to my stomach.  I didn’t want to leave him even for a few hours, but I knew I needed to do something alone with Lance.

This morning it wasn’t looking like we were going to get away, when Miles took a nap, and Lance and I got showered and out the door before he could wake up; leaving him with my in-laws.  Something about leaving while he was sleeping made me feel better.  We went to….wait for it…..Home Depot.  After 10 minutes there, we said, “What can we do, now?”  That’s when Lance had the great idea to go get a beer, AT A BAR!  OF COURSE!  It’s 3 p.m. and we are going to the bar for a beer because WE HAVE NO BABY WITH US!  We just sat for an hour and chatted, but it was fun and he made me laugh and feel pretty.  It was really nice.  I’m so glad we did it.


The nursery is ready and Miles is busting out of the bassinet in our room, so I think it’s time to move him into it.  I was going to do it tonight, but I think we will wait one more!

I never knew I could miss someone so much.  It’s funny how priorities change when you have a baby to love.

3 MONTHS! Well, almost four!

So, I admit it.  I’m a few weeks behind in posting the three month pics.  Miles will be four months in just a few weeks.  Lance and I just got the hang of parenting, and then I returned to work a few weeks ago which meant Miles started daycare.  Shortly after, Miles got really sick and mommy got really sick.  Things are back to normal and we are adjusting to our new schedules.

miles outside dino

Three Months!

14 lbs and 26 inches

Miles loves to talk and laugh

Miles hates being put down

He took his first trip to a park and sat in the grass with a new friend, and went to his first Bucs game (coming Tuesday)

hatback hatmad hatnotmad

Experienced his first time at daycare, and his first trip to Children’s Hospital with a high fever and had a chest X-ray.  No worries!  It was just a virus and he’s all better!

mileshosp daddymileshosp

Eating 4-5 oz every 2-3 hours and sleeping through the night, but not very much during the day

Plays with toys and likes to explore with his hands.  Loves to have conversations and laugh and smile.  Likes to be outside and is starting to notice his doggies.

My disconnected Sunday

Lately, I have been feeling badly about missing moments with Miles because I am only focused 50% of the time on him, and the other 50% on my cell phone.  My frequented apps are Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Baby Center, and Gmail.  I made Lance do it with me, for fun.

Woman with her daughter sitting in a cafe

Woman with her daughter sitting in a cafe

Yesterday, while I was talking with my friends on Facebook, i looked down and saw this cute little guy and decided that it was time to take a little break.  Look how cute!


So, on Sunday I shut my phone off and spent the day without it.  This was my experience.

I found that my singing is so terrible that it actually keeps Miles awake while I am breastfeeding!  No, but seriously….the breastfeeding experience while paying attention only to Miles was much more intimate.  I felt like I had time to truly focus on him.  It was nice.

On the flip side, I also thought of a few things I needed to do, or wanted to research and didn’t have the knowledge at my fingertips.  I tried to sit down and nurse while looking at recipe books, but it proved to be hazardous with The Better Home and Gardens Recipes near Miles’ head! I also couldn’t text Lance whenever I needed something while I was breastfeeding, which proved to be pretty inconvenient.

I realized that we have no clocks around the house except for in the kitchen.  We are so used to having our cell phones on us.  I pity the people who visit and don’t have their phones on them when they go to bed at night.  We definitely need to get some clocks!

Lance and I spent brunch laughing hysterically about my baby hairs and their versatility,  and reciting lines from Mr. Holland’s Opus.  We even had a second cup of coffee together.  Something which wouldn’t have happened if we were looking at our phones.


All in all, I truly enjoyed today and realized that I need to put my phone away more often.  Try spending even a few hours without your phone and comment on your experience.  I bet you some great things will come out of it!