My best friend…my sister.

According to Merriam-Webster the definition of a sister is “a girl or woman who has one or both of the same parents as you.” While this definition is 100% true, there is so much more to a sister than that.

Maid of Honor status

Maid of Honor status

My sister Ellen, was born when I was six years old. She was my first baby and helped me to hone my mommy skills. She has seen me at my worst and my best, she has danced and cried with me, she has supported me and set me in my place, she has been my world and far out of reach. The love I have for her is beyond any love besides that of my husband and children. With our six year age gap she has lived through many of my life events and whether or not she likes it, I “advise” her on many of her life events. The bond my sister and I share is one of my most treasured and unexplainable relationships.

Even though my daughters are only 13 months apart, I already can feel their bond forming. Elli is very much the leader even though she is younger than Syd; her personality is much more assertive and in charge. Syd is very cautious, 11008504_10100638236196700_743564768477899008_nhowever, since Elli was born she has come out of her shell a bit. If Elli does something, Syd is sure to follow. They play off of each other…if one is wild and crazy, the other one closely follows, if one is relaxed and interested in reading books or coloring, so is the other. They complement each other; where one is lacking, the other makes up for it. It’s like the perfect combination of people.

Sisterhood is hard, I’m not saying it’s all butterflies and roses. My sister and I have dealt with our fair share of jealousy and not really liking each other but as adults our bond is one I couldn’t live without. I hope my girls treasure each other enough to work through the kinks of their relationship and know how important their bond is and no matter who comes in and out of their lives they will always have each other.


Feelin’ the L.O.V.E!

1. Ya’ll know how to make a girl feel loved!  I have to admit, I’ve been behind on my blog reading this week so when I logged on this morning to upload my post, I was shocked to find two posts written about me.  The four girls that I share this blog with mean so much to me.  No matter the distance or time, we’re always able to come together to celebrate all of the many things that makes life so beautiful.  I am thankful for these gals everyday, and can’t wait to celebrate with them this weekend!

2.  The nursery got some love this weekend, thanks to my Hubby and sweet brother-in-law, Zach.  Zach has been staying with us for the past week and has been tremendously helpful with the odds and ends that we’ve been working on.  Our Ikea trip a few weekends ago was a great success and we were able to pick-up several large furniture pieces for the nursery, along with shelves and other accessories for the rest of the house.  I’m happy with the progress we made this weekend, and am anxious to begin decorating Baby M’s new room.  Below are some pictures of the boys in action!

Nursery helpers

Ken and Zach working on the shelves above the changing table.

Changing table

The new changing table, before decorating!


Soon these bookshelves will be filled with fun stories to share with our baby girl!

3. As Rachel and Kristina mentioned, my baby shower is this weekend.  I’ve been involved in the planning process (** crazy pregnant lady**) and I’m really happy with the items we’ve completed so far.  I’ll share a full rundown of my baby shower in the next few weeks, so stay tuned.  In the meantime, I’m excited to celebrate the healthy little girl, that keeps dancing like crazy in my belly, with all of the friends and family I care so much about.

I hope ya’ll have a great week and feel loved!


an Ode to our Old friend

We are just days from Katie Midgett’s very first baby shower. It is major life events like this that make for times of reminders and reflection.  This week the girls of 5&Whine wish to dedicate our posts to our dear friend.  We want not one day to celebrate- but an entire week of showering Katie and Baby with love that is 15 plus years in the making:


I have always felt that Katie has carried the torch for our group of friends in different ways. I remember giving a small toast at her bridal shower, and acknowledging Katie as the wise one, and one who will always be there to advise the rest of us through big life changes. See Katie has often times conquered many feats ‘first’. First bride, First puppy adopter, First home owner, First to tackle major home renos, and more I am sure I am not remembering. Although she is not the first mother in our small circle, she of course will still be yet another voice to guide the rest of us through an unknown process or journey. Thinking back on all of those ‘first’ brings me all the way back to – – get ready for this 1997! I can not believe how long I have known these ladies!

Katie is my golden ticket. I always look up to her and I am grateful for her friendship. With out Katie I would have never gotten to know this beautiful group of girls I call my best friends. We met in 6th grade- we are nearing our 20 year mark as friends! Her father was my teacher at the time. I would say I – my character, my decision making- was a little rough around the edges at this time. My family was not well off and it was the year my father passed. The combination of financial stress and emotional distress was hard for me as I was trying to fit in at school. Katie saw me as a friend, and Katie’s entire family treated me like one of their own. I would go over for dinner often. We would play (I have no idea what we would do to be honest) in kitties living room. Her parents would give me guidance on smart moves for college, etc. It was a warm home and escape from the sadness that draped my families’ house in hard times. It was a taste of life I had not known. All awhile with a friend to giggle with each day in school and out (Katie is a hoot – she’s incredibly funny, but has a demeanor that makes most of what she says feel unexpected).

As years went on we traveled as a pack, the five of us. To panera bread lunch dates, park city shopping mall, and into college parties where we have seen each other at our most foolish moments. Oh the pictures we wish we could un-take. The boyfriends we saw each other through. The outfits we critiqued for each other in order to be the cool girls. It really makes me smile as I write and imagine.

I am so lucky to have met Katie when I did. She has always been years beyond her age. She is a successful woman. She is one of those people who seem to be able to get it all done in a flawless fashion. Taking on motherhood will be so natural for her, and all of us have said so for years.  Time and states have been put between since the days of middle school, but our friendship has never disconnected.


So today my post is for Katie. Here is to you mama… the bold and beautiful, ever so capable, role model for women! Thank you for being my friend. Thank you for accepting me for being the exact opposite! Thank you for the snippets of advice laced along the years. With out our early connection, I do not believe I would know the life I do now. I love you and your growing family so dearly and always will. I can not wait to meet Baby girl M and see every bit of beautiful women in her as I do in you.