Friday Favorites!

Winter has finally arrived in PA…we had our first snow fall this week and the temperatures finally feel like winter.  It’s time to bust out the cold weather gear!  I got a ton of great pieces of clothes for Christmas and the girls received some great toys that will occupy them when we can’t get outside.

Playdoh has always been one of my favorite toys for the girls to play with, it keeps them occupied for hours and it lets them be creative.  These sets are wonderful, we have about five of them and the girls love creating and pretending with them.  My personal favorite is the “My Little Pony” set!


I have been on the search for a long puffer coat with a hood forever, so when I found this Michael Kors coat I fell in love!  It is so warm, and the perfect length.


My girls LOVE any holiday, and they are loving anything Valentine’s Day!  The same day we took down our Christmas decorations we put up our Valentine’s Day decor.  Target has some pretty adorable things that I plan on picking up but in the meantime I found great LED lights and sequined ampersand signs.  Both are adorable and were only $3!

This hat…is…everything!  I found this at Target before the holidays and was unsure of it until I put it on last week, now I’m building outfits around it.  It works with everything and the brim is the perfect size!


My girls love this Ginzick Super Fun Ice Cream Shop!  They play with it all the time.  There’s tons of play food pieces that go with it.  I love it because it keeps them busy and unlike most toys like it, this one is super sturdy, not to mention the price was perfect!


What are some of your favorites this winter??





Gifts for Your Gals under $50!

gifts under 50


gifts under 50

gifts under 50

Trends to Try: Pre Fall

I know that it’s only August 13th but I have to say that I can feel Fall creeping in.  Everywhere from street fashion, the cooler temps, fall merchandise at the mall and the the every present Nordstrom pre-fall Instagram shots!  Here is my short preview of some of my favorite trends I just have to pick up this Fall.

  1. Fringe – what more can I say about fringe, I’ve always been drawn to it.  I think this also coincides with my love of tie-dye (which I will never get over by the way).  Anything from a skirt to a bag (which I already own) to a cool long fringe necklace
  2. Oversized scarves -last year I never picked up an oversized blanket scarf.  I have a few ponchos but I really wanted a scarf but it just never happened.  this year I want to make it a point to work it into my work wardrobe as well as my everyday.
  3. Color of the year Marsala – the pantone color of the year was Marsala (a deep wine purple burgundy color).  It’s really amazing and seems like it would be a very easy color to wear.
  4. All of the ankle boots – last year I bought only one pair and I loved them.  They were perfect with so many things from dresses and tights to skinny jeans.  I am on the hunt for flat and heeled all black, or I’ll opt for these leopard prints!
  5. The adult backpack – Why did I not think of this before!  I am obsessed with looking for a roomy backpack to go to and from work.  I like to carry one bag with all of my things and stuff my lunch bag inside as well.

Trends to Try: Pre Fall


Summer Breastfeeding Fashion

On a recent shopping trip, I was on a mission to find some cute, breastfeeding-friendly pieces to add to my summer wardrobe. I had only a short window of time between feedings, but I’m happy with the few items I found. 🙂

This romper is perfect for summer! It’s trendy and the buttons down the front make it easy to breastfeed on-the-go.

I love the tassels on this tank top! Super cute! The fabric is also breathable for the hot summer weather.

This figure flattering top is a great way to hide those lingering pregnancy pounds.  It comes in a variety of colors, but I found that it runs on the larger size (I bought an x-small).

As I was walking to the dressing room, I spotted this dress in the juniors section.  The stretchy fabric and long straps make this very breastfeeding-friendly.

The Loft did not disappoint me with this adorable top!  Plus, the black and white pattern can easily be dressed up with a pair of white capris and heels.

This 3/4 sleeve top is great for cool summer nights.  I opted for the blue top, but it’s also available in yellow.

Do you have any favorite summer tops or dresses?  I’d love to find some additional pieces to add to my collection!

One Dress: Two Ways

Spring Fever - Work Wear

My top five favorites from February!

I am so excited it is March!  It can only mean warmer weather, outside activities, upcoming summer tans, and did I mention better weather?  In saying that I would like to make a tribute to my top five favorite things that happened in February!

1. Valentines Brunch at E2 (pronounced E squared) in the Highland Park neighborhood of Pittsburgh.  We rarely go out to dinner the night of Valentines as it can be crazy and I’m never very satisfied with the fixed menu options.  Brunch the next morning was a great compromise.  Featured in the photo are their famous Zeppolli and tiny donuts!


2. Another great project that got started this past month was our bedroom.  I was able to repaint all of the woodwork and then painted the entire room myself in this amazing Deep Irish Sea from the Ralph Lauren collection of Home Depot.  I was very nervous painting our room such a dark color but with our light bedding.  It turned into a super serene place to fall asleep at night (although anyone can tell you I don’t really need any help with that).


3. There were so many major fashion wins this past month.  But what I was most excited about besides Fashion Week was how major everyone looked the Academy Awards.  There were so many jaw dropping looks to choose from but I’d have to say I have to give it to Rosamund Pike she looked so stunning in that crimson gown.

2015 Annual Academy Awards - Los Angeles

4. This is something small but I finally replaced my Tom’s that I accidentally put in the dryer last year it was a long story but they were replaced by a new metallic black slip-on.  They are currently on sale at Journey’s!



5. The official launch and reveal of 5andwhine to the masses.  I am so excited to be able to share with all of our friends, and family what we have been working on for the past four months.  Our reveal on Valentines Day was a hit and 2 days in we already had a following!  Thank you all for following along with us be sure to continue to spread the word!





 What were your favorite moments of February 2015??




Friday Fav 5!

Happy Friday!  Here are a few of my favorite items from the past week.

5) Seventh Generation Natural Dish Liquid: I LOVE this stuff. Not only is it tough on grease and left-over, stuck-on food but it’s super gentle on my hands.  I also love that it is unscented especially when washing my daughter’s bottles; there is no residual smell or taste left on the nipples after washing them. Not to mention, the price is great!

4) Old Navy Women’s Funnel-Neck Vented-Hem Sweater: I currently reside in this sweater.  I have it in the color they call “Raisin Arizona” which is a maroon’ish color.  I love pairing it with skinny jeans and tan booties or black leggings and black boots.  It’s super comfortable and easy to wash.

3) BISSEL PowerTrak Compact Vacuum: This was originally an unwanted Christmas gift but in the past week I have fallen in love with it.  Our home is all hardwood however we have area rugs in some of the rooms.  It does great on my area rugs but it also has a bare floor option which I love for a quick clean up.  It also comes with a small rotating “TurboBrushTool” which is great for cleaning dog hair off of the sofa. My favorite feature is the Febrez vacuum filter which leaves my house smelling fresh and clean!

2) Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer: This is my go-to moisturizer.  It makes my skin feel soft and it smells great too.  I love that I control how dark or how light my “glow” is.  If I want a deeper bronze I apply more than once a day but generally I use it every other day and it leaves me with a nice natural-looking color!

1) My babies and husband!  They inspire me everyday to be a great mommy and wife!

Spring Trends

Is it too soon to be talking about spring?  We are over here freezing our bums off in the 0 degree weather and all I can think about it oversized tunics, scalloped shorts, and a tall cool drink in my hand.  I have been scouring Pinterest lately for home decor ideas and Spring outfit inspirations.  In saying that I have been noticing a few things that are sticking around and a few new ideas that have either gotten reinvented or I never would have thought of pairing together.  With the holiday season already behind us retailers have already started reducing their winter wears to make room for the Spring arrivals.  This is a great a time to pick up deeply discounted sweaters and boots however I really try to steer clear of these things unless it’s a deal I simply cannot pass up (check out The Loft right now, they are having an additional 60% off there sale merchandise).  I would much rather save my dollars for a few new pieces to liven up my spring wardrobe.  Here are a few swoon worthy pieces that I must have for the spring/summer!

What are you lusting over for Spring?

Seeing Red!

Red everywhere. Red lips. Red hair. Red nails. Red accessories. It is everywhere- and I LOVE it. I was not always so confident in such an aggressive fashion statement. For many years I had been shy about bold expression. For a long time I found myself buying the same army green, grey, or navy clothing. Never did I veer away from clear lip gloss and nude-medium brown make up.

Ah- but behold: a reformed woman!

A couple of years back I gave in to the curiosity of the Beauty Box (sample box) subscription. The concept is to pay for a monthly subscription of beauty samples that will be sent directly to your home. There are many out on the market now; Birchbox, Ipsy, Julep Maven, and many more. Psst- click here for an article that helps you find the best box to help your beauty regimen. I chose Birchbox, and I am a die-hard fan. Birchbox is a very reasonable price per month or annual and it allows you to personalize a profile to ensure samples are relevant to your needs. Birchbox also has a point system that is a great way to counter the idea of paying for samples (which you can sometimes otherwise get free at beauty counters). Earning points through various activities amounts to $10 or more dollars off future purchases- once I got a high end face wash for $6.00 and free shipping! Score!

Because of Birchbox I am now a fearless woman of the beauty world. Birchbox has allowed me to creep from no eyeliner and clear lip gloss to winged eyes, bold red lips, and full and beautiful brows!


It is hard to try new trends when cosmetics are so pricey. The opportunity to test allows you to say ‘yes’ and ‘no’ with out guilt and disappointment. (Tip: When I find the few products that I am not in love with – I throw them in a jar in our guestroom with a ‘help yourself’ sign! Now if my guests forget their face wash, shampoo, or lotions there are plenty of small options for them to try themselves!)

{Bathroom Organization}: Repurpose a glass cookie jar to organize and store travel/sample sized toiletries in guest bathroom

Tip: When I find the few products that I am not in love with – I throw them in a jar in our guestroom

After learning what a sample can do, I started aggressively searching for samples. Ask at beauty counters or when online ordering. When preparing for my Olive Oyl Halloween costume I was in lust with the idea of a red lip to sauce it up. BUT NEVER WOULD I EVER wear a red lip. I hadn’t even moved past clears and sheers.

Popeye & Olive Oyl ❤

When recently buying a few staples at Sephora I got a Dior Rouge Baume sample pack. There among many pretty colors was the red of my dreams. Color ‘999’. It is the true red I dreamt of, not too dark, not too pink. It complimented my skin tone. Being a baume it goes on a bit more sheer than a true lip stick, but you can add layers to create the depth you prefer. It is also smooth and creamy like a friendly gloss.

This is the lip color for lip gloss wear-ers!

I quickly went to the nearest general retail store to by a cheap knock off. WRONG. Do not bother. Each red of each brand will vary in tones and shades and textures. Once you find the one you love- go get her (in fact, go get two!)  I ended up finding my tube at Nordstroms.

What do you think!?


Being new to lip color I learned quickly why there is a need for lip liner. Colors that are bright show the bleeding in the naturally imperfect line of our lips. When I inquired about the right way to pick a lip liner the beauty professional at Sephora advised me perfectly! She showed me a wax liner pencil. Specifically Make Up Forever brand. She understood quickly as I explained I had never worn such loud color before that a liner may add more drama than I desire. Liners intensify your chosen color even more. A clear wax pencil can go on first and act as a barrier. You can also use it as an ERASER for outside the lines after applying the color. What a blessing!
I now pair my lovely red lip with a fire engine red nail color called ‘Red My Lips!” SAVINGS ALERT:  if you have not already go by the Sally Hansen Salon Gel Starter Kit today! This saves money and time. Gel stays for a week or two depending on how much time you spend it water. Looks professional. The process is quick. LOVE it. Money well spent.  Saves me a fortune on avoiding salon manicures.
So my advise- if you see the girl in the red lip and just WISH you could pull it off – YOU CAN! Remember, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try yet another sample!