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Lilly Pulitzer for Target Haul!

I’m sure by now you all know all about the mass hysteria that surrounded the very coveted release of the Lilly Pulitzer for Target collection.  It was pretty much a massacre at the store that lasted a little less than 8 minutes for me.  I did get some great pieces and I’d have to say that Lilly really hit the nail on the head with the prints that they came out with for this collection.  I just wish the inventory would have lasted a bit longer.  I’m was sad to realize that not every store carried all of the items and I was really looking for the bathing suits.  This is what I got below I think I got a nice selection the shorts in the Upstream pattern being my favorite!


The line at 7:40AM on Sunday not too bad I was about 15th but by the time the store opened there were about 40 people in line!



My haul including shorts, jumpsuit, weekender bag, small cosmetic, flip flops, and nail polish.


Did you guys make it out or stay in the comfort of your homes and fight the crashing site to get all of the items that you wanted?