$10 DIY Tomato Cage Holiday Tree !

You have to love the internet!  How would life be with out pinterest and a facebook full of minifeeds with crafty friends and mothers!? I have to thank a DIY champion and sorority sister for this idea.  She really hit hers out of the park.  My quick rendition was simply that- QUICK!

I had been on the hunt for a reasonably priced 3′ – 5′ tree for the front porch.  I made mention before that this is only our second holiday season decorating together.  That means that we slowly making a holiday decoration collection.

Last year I promised post season I would pick up mark downs.   And of course I forget.  Desperate to add a tiny bit of cheer to the front of our home- I scoured the internet (aka- Amazon.com.)  I did not have the urge to spend $65.00 on the tree I thought would be the best fit.  So I promised myself once again- I would buy one post season.

Then I saw this great suggestion- and there are several ways to make it your own.   Although mine is a bit simple- you can surely dress it up here’s what you need :

  1.  a tomato cage (We had ours from the summer stacked in the back yard)
  2. tree trimmings OR faux garland (I got 6 15′ strands at the Dollar Tree for $1.00 each)
  3. your favorite decorations (this year, I got that at the dollar tree as well!)

Thats it!  My garland was on a wired string- so I didn’t even need glue or ties to adhere it to the tomato cage frame.  Now I can choose to reuse the tomato cage or garland for other projects if I choose.

image image imageimage


Faux Succulent Wreath 

I’ve been dying to make a succulent wreath for some time now, but then I came back to reality and remembered I don’t have a green thumb. Plants beware, I’m a killer.  

Fast forward to this past week, when I was walking around the Dollar Tree and spotted the cuttest little selection of fake succulents. Jackpot.  I filled my box with 14 succulents and headed for the register. 

My next stop was Michaels where I picked up the remaining supplies and a few other items for a little project I’m working on in the nursery ( stay tuned for that baby…see what i did there !?) I bought a 12″ wreath form and one bunch of Spanish moss. 


After laying out all of my materials, my first step was to remove the succulents from the pots. They were simply hot glued into the styrofoam base so with one twist, the succulent was free.  I didn’t take the time to clean off the small pieces of styrofoam because I knew it would be hidden once the wreath was formed.  But, if you feel more comfortable cleaning each succulent, go for it!

With the succulents ready, I started to organize them on the wreath. I didn’t have any particular layout in mind…just went with what I thought looked the best.  I then attached them to the wreath with my hot glue gun and before nap time was over, my wreath was completed.  Woot!!! #mommywin 

 Wreath: $2.99 (originally $4.99 but I used a 40% off coupon)

Succulents: $14.00 (14 succulents at $1.00 each)

Spanish moss: $2.99 

Hot glue: free 🙂 

Total: $19.98 

Time: 20 minutes 

I’m so happy with the finished project! I love the simple design and succulents can rest assure that these will be well cared for! 

$25 DIY Mantel Decor !

It is just that time of year :  Always movin’, shakin’, and makin’!  I am so excited that this year I live in a home with a mantel!  I have always dreamt of hanging stockings and decorating the mantel as the seasons and holidays pass through the year.  Now that it is a reality –  so is the idea of PAYING for shiny pieces, candles, and fillers.  I am a girl on a constant budget (and especially around the holidays)- so I have come  to know the world of DIY and the Dollar Tree very well.   Here is my new holiday mantel for $25.00 !

Please don’t mind the disheveled stockings and  tree topper resting to the right, awaiting his home on the throne!

Everything I bought was purchased from the Dollar Tree and Michael’s Crafts.  The letters, the adhesive, and the glitter flakes were purchased on sale at Michael’s for about $18 bucks (don’t forget Michael’s ALWAYS has coupons).  The rest (three sets of color balls, a faux pine garland, a short strand of white lights, and glass cylinders of varying heights)  were all from the Dollar Tree! (If you do not have stockings or stocking hooks – the Dollar Tree DOES!).  In the end I only needed one can of adhesive, with much to spare!


I could not manage to get a picture with out my little ‘helper’.


  • Spray the adhesive close to the letter’s to make a wet base.  Dump on the glitter flakes!  Allow to dry for 5 minutes.  Knock loose the gold flake that does not stay.  Spray a “further away”/lighter coat and reapply the glitter.  This should make for maximum coverage.
  • Next time I will first spray the wooden letters with gold spray paint so that when glitter falls it will be less noticeable.
  • I really enjoy the three dimensional texture on the letters, but to reserve them for next year I will add a few layers of Mod-Podge before packing them away!

Here are a few mod-podge finishes. I like a heavy shine for this project!

Happy Crafting !