Angels on Earth !

Today I will write my post while fighting tears.  They are a mix of selfish tears and joyful tears.  Many know, but for those who do not- my baby sister Stevana Estime has dedicated her life as a missionary.    Today she leaves for her permanent move to Haiti where she, her husband and Haitian native, their son, and the rest of the New Life Mission- Haiti team will build and maintain a children’s home.

It stings a little to imagine her closeness growing with her in-laws, as they watch her son grow, and celebrate special moments with out me by her side.  Of course I know her mission is bigger than birthday cakes and family outings.

I never stop feeling astonished at what a strong women she is.  Its really hard for me to imagine denying the American lifestyle.  Giving up not only luxuries and entertainment, but basic amenities.  Mostly it would be hard for me to commit to a life where my family is not a car ride away.    The thought of becoming a minority in a land where the language for her is second at best would terrify the average person.  The list of sacrifices for my sister and her small family is long- and for that I am beyond proud of her and her selfless journey.

I know at least in less than 5 short months my baby sister, angel on earth, and matron of honor will be home to stand beside me on my wedding day.

I think her story is best shared through their missionary website:

Zacharie & Stevie met when Stevie went to Haiti for a one week trip in 2011. They became friends, but never thought they’d meet again. However, after college graduation, Stevie returned to Haiti for a 4 month trip to teach english to the children in Charrier. Zacharie was her translator over that time. Soon into the trip, Stevie & Zacharie were drawn together by their passion for children’s ministry. Both had lost their fathers at young ages. So in their different countries yet similar family situations, they both witnessed firsthand, the struggles of a single parent home and the challenges it can cause.  Their hearts go out to the many children in Haiti who grow up in like scenarios whether with one parent or without any.  A lot of these kids are sent to live with another family because their own cannot provide for them. Many are forced into slave labor like conditions and never have the opportunity to even go to school or feel the true love of a parent. They feel called  to return to Haiti to help these kids. They want to raise them in a loving home where they can grow up with hopes of a future. They want them to learn to be confident in themselves and help them realize their potential. They hear God telling them to rise up leaders in Haiti who are proud of their country. They hear God telling them to teach these children about his never ending love for them.

The couple has now wed and while on their honeymoon in Haiti purchased about 2.5 acres about a mile down the road from Zacharie’s Momma’s house and New Life mission’s mission house. A wall has been built around the property and construction projects have begun! They are living stateside now as they are expecting their first child this August, 2015. They are making the move to Haiti in January 2016. Their hope is to open up New Life Mission’s children’s home by September 2016. Please pray for them as they prepare for these upcoming changing.

The family though close- is still collecting funds to make this lofty goal a reality.    The team is always looking for others to travel to Haiti and donate time or resources to those in need.  Although financing and travel may be outside of your abilities- the team is also collecting clothing and other softly used home goods as well!


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I ask for thoughts and prayers for my sister and her family on this fabulous journey  !


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