Christmas Expections

Since the girls were born I’ve had these grand plans for the perfect Christmas. You know… the one where everyone wakes up happy, no one cries over presents they didn’t want, everyone smiles for the Christmas photos, and there are no meltdowns. And every year I find myself wishing I had taken a few more pictures or bought that other toy or not rushed so much.

The truth of the matter is with two toddlers there is no telling what mood with strike, what piece of clothing will have food on it or what toy will or will not make someone turn into a puddle of tears.

This year I’m going in with no expectations. We’re just going by the seat of our pants. I will not be planning the perfect photo or the perfect reaction to a gift that I knew would make my girls scream with excitement. I will be sitting back and enjoying my little girls as they open each gift, I won’t have a conniption if someone gets mashed potatoes on their Christmas dress, or doesn’t smile for a family photo. I will wait in the car patiently as my husband double and triple checks the locks and won’t freak out when he’s getting in the shower at the exact time we need to be leaving the house.

Christmas is about enjoying the ones you love the most, and that’s what I plan to do this year! I can’t wait to shower my family with love and attention! Maybe our photos will be blurry or someone will be sticking out their tongue, there’s sure to be at least one meltdown and I’m sure there will be unwanted gifts but I’m going to take in every second of it!


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