Swim session 

A few weeks ago, Ainsley started swim lessons and the girl can’t get enough. Seriously, if she could talk, I can guarantee she would say, “I loooooovvvvveeessss it!”

The 6 week class meets once a week and lasts for 30 minutes. Oh, and the pool is heated so everyone’s happy about that!  Babies are required to wear swim diapers to prevent any accidents that may occur during the lesson, but since it’s the off season for swim wear, I ended up ordering a long sleeve swim shirt and reusable swim diapers from Amazon. Is there anything cuter than a baby bathing suit!?

Here are the happy swimmers on the first day:

The class is filled with a variety of activities and movements to get children acclimated to the water. They sing songs, practice kicking their legs, and even squeeze in a few minutes of tummy time.   



  The lessons have been a fun way to incorporate new skills and encourage physical development. Plus, I love watching the daddy/daughter time from the side of the pool. Biggest.mom.win.ever!!   


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