My life, my love, my Bridal Party!

Everyday the kindly reminds me that the days until our wedding day are quickly disappearing (214 to be exact).    Although I am confident that I will be able to get it all done- it certainly has not been with out help, encouragement, and recommendations.  My bridal party has been my reference each time I am unsure, for dress shopping, and vendor recommendations.     Besides the idea of marrying the love of my life (I still can not believe I am so lucky) – sharing this process with my closest friends has been the best part thus far.   I would have canceled the day already had I not been able to vent to each one separately about my concerns.   Here is my CREW- whom all I love so dearly!


Each girl got a small gift bag, with a bracelet, and a few pieces of candy with clever sayings – the bracelet was tied in a knot with a note that says “I cant TIE THE KNOT, with out you by my side”, a ring pop “He POPED the question, now it’s my turn” and some gum “He may be marrying me- but now hes STUCK with you!”


A gift for Taylor!

My sisters are my Matron and Maid of Honor – and I am so blessed to have these natural born organizer’s to help me along the way.  They know me inside and out, and every single life experience who has built the women I am.  I have never felt luckier than when I take a look at my family.  Our love and loyalty is thick and strong, and it never waivers.  There is no judging nor censoring.  We rest on each other often, and never think twice.  I love these ladies with every ounce of energy in me.

mar StevieBMAIDs

My NEW Sisters (Michael’s Sister) Beth and Tricia.  There is no other way I would like to start our forever friendship than having them each be by are side to help and support us on our wedding day.  (BONUS:  I get the worlds CUTEST flower girl, Tricia’s daughter Taylor- yay!)  I still can’t believe a family this wonderful, smart, and loving is there with arms open to invite me in.  I didn’t know I could love another family as my own, until I met the Slick/Schuyler clan.  I have instantly felt a part, and look forward to every event that allows us to get closer.

tricia beth

My college roommate, best friend, and sorority ‘little sister’ Amber.  I always thank her for being there in the weirdest/changing time of my life and still loving me!  We have never grown apart, despite how vastly our lives have changes post college.  She is as honest as you will ever find, and keeps me straight!


And of course my ‘Ride or Dies’ – Meagan, Kristina, Katie, and Carolyn.  My inseparable/no matter what/no matter where  friends since Middle School. Co-Author’s of  5andwhine!  I can’t be happy if things are well with me and these girls.  They are so important to me, and I am so proud of how tight our bond has continued over the years.  From our first beers to first babies, we have been there through it all.

meag kitty carolKristmegsbday8

I love you all and I am so proud to have you stand beside me!

#SeeYouOnTheSlickSide 6-11-16


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