Fall Family Traditions

Family traditions are my favorite thing about the holiday season. Like when we get the whole fam together to make Christmas cookies…there aren’t enough smiley emojis to illustrate how much I love that special day! 😊

This fall was our first chance to start some new traditions with Ainsley. It’s so fun to watch her experience new things and observe the world around her. 

We started the fall season with a visit to a local pumpkin patch.  Ainsley was too small to be involved in the pumpkin picking process, but she seemed to really enjoy sitting on the saddle. Ride ’em cowgirl!   After we picked the perfect pumpkin, I started to think about fun ways to include Ainsley in the decorating process. Obviously a 6-month old with a carving knife isn’t safe…so we decided to let her finger paint her pumpkin instead. I used some painters tape to mark off the letter “A” and dipped her hand in washable paint. She took care of the rest.    

Trick or treating was fun last weekend and we made it a point to get together as a whole family. We started the night with dinner at my parents house.  A few weeks ago I shared my hopes of creating a jellybean costume, but it turned out a be an epic fail. Pinterest saved me, yet again, and Ainsley went as a gumball machine instead.  

Thanksgiving is right around the corner (say what!?) which means more family time and new experiences for Ainsley. I just love creating new memories as a family! 


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