5 Minute Mommy Makeup

I hate waking up early, especially now that the temperatures are dropping and it’s still dark when I wake up.  So, I’ve adjusted my morning routine so that I can gain a extra half hour of zzz’s!  I’ve started showering and picking out my outfit the night before and I’ve tweeked my make up routine to save a little extra time.  Check out my 5 minute mommy makeup routine:

Step 1-Apply a moisturizer, I’ve always been a Ponds girl but since the girls were born I’ve started using Johnson and Johnson’s Baby Lotion. I find that my makeup lasts a bit longer when I use a moisturizer before applying anything else.

Step 2-Apply a fountain; my favorite cosmetic line is ELF Cosmetics.  Their products are made well and are extremely affordable.  I use their e.l.f. Studio Flawless Finish Foundation.  It covers all my imperfections, I still have some pregnancy mask on my forehead and this is the only foundation that I have found that covers it.

12487_83111_900px_new47458.27.jpg.47458.27Step 3-Apply a bronzer.  I live and breath bronzer.  It is an absolute must for my pale skin.  I’ve found that e.l.f Studio Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder works best on my skin.  It’s not too dark and blends very easily.

11125_83601_900px_new56683.94.jpg.56683.94Step 4-Apply blush. I love bareMinerals blush.  It’s light and blends great!

baremineralsblushStep 5-Fill in and powder eyebrows.  Like most girls, I over-plucked my eyebrows when I was younger.  That mixed with fair hair makes for a nonexistent brow line.  I have to be really attentive when I fill them in because its easy to make them too dark and I end up looking a little crazy!  I love e.l.f. Studio Eyebrow Kit.  It’s very easy to use and super easy to blend.


Step 6-Apply eye makeup. This is where I find I save the most time.  Most days I only apply eyeliner and mascara, but if I have a little extra I’ll put on a little eyeshadow.  I usually only line the inside of my lashline, it brightens my eyes and saves me the headache of messing up my eyeliner on my lid.  Mascara is the one piece of makeup that I use every single day, so when I find a good one I use it forever!  I love e.l.f. Studio Kohl Eyeliner and e.l.f. Studio Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara.

81118_B_900px_100011 11107_81401_900px_new56137.81.jpg.56137.81

There you have it; my 5 minute mommy makeup routine.  Quick, easy and beautiful!f


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