“Fall-owing” my dreams

It’s Fall, and for some reason, I always feel super nastalgic every year at this time.   Beyond the sultry, and warm  colors, clothes and dinners, this season marks so many firsts for me.  It truly melts my heart when the cool breeze carries the aroma of bon fires, and fallen wet leaves, and my car windshield is painted with the oranges, reds and yellows of turning trees on my scenic route to work.

Fall is when I:

  1. started school ever year.  I loved school from first grade through college
  2. got to see all my friends after a summer away
  3. played softball and field hockey
  4. fell in love for the first time in high school
  5. started my first job post-college
  6. planned my wedding and scouted venues
  7. dress Max (our pug) in costumes
  8. got our lab, Koa
  9. found out I was pregnant with Miles
  10. started blogging for 5andwhine
  11. became a working mom
  12. get ready for the holidays with all of my loved ones

IMG_0739 IMG_2164 IMG_1968


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