Spot on, Dollar Spot

I made a quick run to Target after work last night and had the cutest shopping buddy ever.  It was this jellybean’s first time riding in the cart. When did my baby get so big? 😦 

As soon as I enter the store, I aways have to quickly roll around the Dollar Spot to check for deals and I ALWAYS find something I can’t live without.  Am I the only one?! 

The deals at the Dollar Spot were amazing this week. In a matter of minutes I had filled the bottom of my cart. You win Target, you win!

The first item I picked up was the tissue paper. At $3.00 a pack, I loved the bright colors and trendy patterns.  Each pack comes with 25 sheets, 10 sheets of the patterned paper and 15 sheets of the solid color.  Love, love, love!  

The majority of the items I picked-up were miscellaneous office supplies. I’m a sucker for cute notepads, file folders, and thank you cards. I also grabbed an accordion organizer to help me keep my receipts in order.

Office supplies 

File folder patterns

The last thing I couldn’t live without were some pink socks for my little shopper. They are too big right now, but they should be a perfect fit for her first Disney trip in February.

So, what’s your favorite thing to buy at the Dollar Spot? Or, are you strong enough to push right past?!

Ainsley agrees….the Dollar Spot is so much fun!


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