Home, sweet, sweet, home!

I am so happy to be spending 10 whole days with my family in my hometown! I recently announced my sister is a new mother, and when I met my nephew he was in the nicu and only able to be held by his parents.  This week I have been able to snuggle, rock, and baby talk this sweet boy for hours.

image image image image image

The week home is packed full of things to do.  I have several meetings to iron out wedding details, and my sister is hosting her largest fundraiser to date for her and her husbands mission for children’s home in Haiti.  Between all the event planning and baby loving there are friends and family to share my time with !

So far already we had a girls day shopping and lunching for dresses with my best friend/sisters/maids of honor, my beloved mother, and baby Abe!  In the evening We had a family chill session with my growing nephews! Then Followed by a day of shopping and catching up with Meagan’s mother- 5andwhines oldest fan and I was finally able to ask her to be my special day of event planner 😊.

Soon I’ll get to see my brother, meet with the caterer, the venue manager, and grab lunch where we plan to host the rehearsal.

Although I miss Michael and Ella, it’s going to be hard to go back to Pittsburgh after a long and needed week with my family !


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