Packed School Lunches!

Next to grocery shopping, packing lunches is one thing I absolutely loathe! It’s not fun, and it makes me think too much, and there is nothing worse than putting a ton of work into your kid’s lunches and having them bring home a lunch bag with everything untouched!

The girls’ school is peanut free so I’ve had to be a bit creative with lunches, but for the most part I’ve been pretty successful in packing lunches that are tasty AND healthy.

If your children are anything like mine they love to dip things…anything. They especially love to dip veggies or pita chips in hummus. My girls go crazy for hummus, and the added bonus is, it helps them eat their veggies! If I’m really short on ideas, I’ll put hummus on a tortilla and make miniature pinwheels, which are generally a huge hit!

Our girls are fruit crazy, so I usually pack two fruits for them. Lately they have been getting a GoGo Squeeze applesauce, and whatever other fruit is our house. This generally helps me avoid putting a sweet snack in their lunch. Usually two times a week I’ll slip a cookie or fruit snacks in their bag but I like to save the good stuff for after dinner, so I can enjoy it with them.

Our oldest, LOVES bagels with cream cheese and a normal size bagel is way too much for her tiny belly. Recently I found Wegman’s Mini Bagels that are the perfect size for her. The mini bagels are always gone from her lunch! The youngest is more of meat and cheese gal, she usually get turkey and cheese roll-ups, but occasionally I’ll get a little crazy and put the turkey and cheese on bread and cookie cutter a star or heart!

What are your kid’s favorite packed lunches? I would love some new ideas!


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