3 MONTHS! Well, almost four!

So, I admit it.  I’m a few weeks behind in posting the three month pics.  Miles will be four months in just a few weeks.  Lance and I just got the hang of parenting, and then I returned to work a few weeks ago which meant Miles started daycare.  Shortly after, Miles got really sick and mommy got really sick.  Things are back to normal and we are adjusting to our new schedules.

miles outside dino

Three Months!

14 lbs and 26 inches

Miles loves to talk and laugh

Miles hates being put down

He took his first trip to a park and sat in the grass with a new friend, and went to his first Bucs game (coming Tuesday)

hatback hatmad hatnotmad

Experienced his first time at daycare, and his first trip to Children’s Hospital with a high fever and had a chest X-ray.  No worries!  It was just a virus and he’s all better!

mileshosp daddymileshosp

Eating 4-5 oz every 2-3 hours and sleeping through the night, but not very much during the day

Plays with toys and likes to explore with his hands.  Loves to have conversations and laugh and smile.  Likes to be outside and is starting to notice his doggies.


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