Blogger Babe Thursday!

I know it’s not #WCW but I wanted to do this little feature on a top trend I’ve been following with my help of my OCD following of my favorite bloggers.  Since starting this blog with my girlfriends I have found that I have been drawing inspiration from my favorite bloggers for well everything.  I look to them to find out daily outfit inspirations, new trends and tips, and even ideas on home decor.  With New York Fashion week drawing to an end there was one over arching trend that I couldn’t top staring at, 70’s!  The 70’s are back and they are replicating some of the era’s best pieces.  From fringe, to flares the trends are everywhere and I think that everyone can pull it off in their own special way.  Personally I have made a pledge to try flares this year nothing to pricey and nothing too fancy, a simple dark wash with a large flare and skinny leg.  Here are a few bloggers who are doing it all right!!


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