Dear Dog No. 1

Dear Dog No. 1,

I bet having a baby human brother is a huge adjustment for you.  We used to cuddle and play all day.  Daddy and I would lift you into our bed when you whined at the door, and you would sniffle and snort with your little Pug nose.  I still remember the day we brought you home.  You were the cutest, most inproportionate puppy in the world.  I remember having you on my lap literally every time I sat down.  Wanting to kiss and pet you, even when you were tired of being adored.  I bet you thought things would be that way forever.  I did too.

Well, let’s be honest….You started adjusting a few years ago when we got your dog sister, Koa.  She wanted much more attention than you even did, and had tons of Lab Pup energy.  Yep, that was a rude awakening for you, I bet. We still had our time together, though.  Even with the crazy dog around.

maxbed max

Dear Dog No. 2,

Wow, you really have it rough.  Not only were you the apple of your daddy’s eye, but you got to play tirelessly with us from morning until night.  We not only had time to take care of you, but we did activities  you would enjoy, like going to the park.  We weren’t as strict with you as your older brother and now we are paying the price with a baby in the house.  It’s really not fair that you get yelled at so much for just being your untrained self.

The truth is, when we were waiting for the breeder to hand you over, my friend told me that we wouldn’t have time for you once there was a baby in the picture.  She even said that I wouldn’t like you anymore.  Well, I still like you.  I just feel badly that you don’t get to be played with, held and cuddled as much as you used to.

koa koasnow

I hope that both of you know it won’t always be like this, but it will be this way for a little while.  For now, you will have to be okay with the loving touch of my feet, and the charm in my voice.  You will have to listen intently, and be patient and calm around your baby brother unless you want me to unleash my motherly fury… know that hateful tone.  I promise that you will love Miles as much as I do when he can pet you, and play with you, and I can’t wait for that day.  Until then….I’m truly sorry that you’re lonely.  When I have a free hand, free foot, free lap…it’s yours.

Your loving mom.


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