A Few Little Surprises

I knew that going back to work meant we would have a handful of surprises along the way but I was pleasantly surprised when there were no major hiccups! The girls have adjusted great, and besides all of us needing a little extra sleep the transition has been great. There were a few things that surprised me though:

– Our house is actually tidier now than it was when I was home. Yes, it makes sense because we aren’t home during the day but I never thought I would be THAT on top of things. Most evenings I tidy up, make dinner, give the girls baths and try to make time for my husband. That’s more than I did when I was home.
– I don’t miss being home as much as I thought I would. Don’t get me wrong, I miss spending the days with my girls but I also am really loving getting dressed and showered every day, talking to my co-workers and drinking an entire cup of hot coffee! It’s little things like that, that make me feel a bit more like myself.
– It’s harder on me than it is on my girls. This could not be more true! I’m the one who still gets sad when I drive away each morning after dropping them off and I’m the one who gets half sad when I tell the girls that they have school the next day.
– Everyday gets easier and easier. I’m sure I’ll always miss the girls like crazy but it has become much much easier to drop them off at school. I look forward to seeing their happy faces and warm hugs when I pick them up every evening!

The past two weeks have solidified that my husband and I made the right decision for me to go back to work. The girls are happy, I’m happy and my husband is happy, and that is the best surprise of all!


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