websites and apps to wove!

Sorry for my terrible “play” on words.  I couldn’t help it!  However this week I wanted to talk about some websites and apps that I would be lost without!  Here are my top 5 go-to’s right now!

  1. Transit – This easy to use transportation app is great for catching buses in the city.  I commute each day to work since my bus pass is free with the University ID.  This is a great way to see when your next bus will be there in real time.  The only draw back is that in Pittsburgh not all the buses are equipped with GPS but most are.
  2. Airbnb – I used this; this past summer for the first time and it was great!  We found an amazing duplex that slept four that was minutes from San Diego.  The app and the website were so easy to navigate and I was able to put in any perimeters.
  3. Refinery29 – My go to for anything from the best mascaras, to the latest scandals with the Kardashians.  I love this site because through out the day it pops up with articles that I can scan quickly and they rotate quite frequently.
  4. Esty – I know this is nothing new or exciting but I love when I’m looking for a unique gift this site is the answer.  During our wedding I found this as a great place to get things printed and files created for a small price with total customization.
  5. – This website is a guided or unguided mediation site.  Sounds a little nuts I know use technogloy to soothe you.  It give you a choice of different scenes and a variation of minutes to create a white noise with a calming effect.  I tried it today it was very soothing and gave me just two minutes to refocus my energy.  Give it a shot!

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