Keeping Everyone on the Same Page

Cue the music because Ainsley has been rockin’ it at daycare the past few weeks!🎢 I love receiving updates throughout the day with pictures of our happy, smiley little girl. πŸ’•

 From the beginning, we’ve been using a daily planner to keep track of Ainsley’s schedule.  Naps, wet/dirty diapers, and her wake times are all written down to help us all stay on the same page.  


In the morning, I fill in the time Ainsley wakes up and also include the time of her last feeding. This helps to determine the time of her morning nap as well as her first bottle for the day. 


Keeping a written log has also helped us to identify the patterns in her schedule.  Our goal is not to maintain a rigid schedule, but instead we are focused on following her cues to decide when she’s hungry or getting ready to take a nap.  It’s not perfect, but it’s certainly more predictable now that she will take two 1.5-2 hour naps during the day, and has an established bedtime between 6:45-7:15.

So, moms, what do you use to stay organized? Does your little one follow a daily schedule? 


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