Our poopy, milky, HILARIOUS trip to Old Navy

So, I went to the mall last Thursday with my personal stylist….my best friend Meagan.  She’s always talking about style on the blog, and I needed her more than ever to pick out new work clothes for my 10-week-post-baby bod.

You see, Meagan and I have been the “shop till you drop” type since we were in seventh grade and our moms took us on 12 hour sprees a few times a year.  It was crazy, and fun. Things are a little different these days with my little man in tow, but we still have a great time.

The day consisted of a lot of spit up, diaper changes and laughing and I got what I needed and feel confident about going back to work.  There was one instance, though, that definitely showed how my life has changed.

When we were in Old Navy in the family dressing room, Miles got fussy and wanted to eat.  I wasn’t thinking that we would be at the mall for six hours, and had only brought one bottle with me.  That was long gone.  So, I sat down in the dressing room and got ready to breast feed.  It was nothing Meagan hadn’t seen, anyway.  Just as I let a girl out of her cage, milk started shooting every where like a fountain.  Meagan and I were already in hysterics when Miles took the noisiest, stink-filled poop I had ever witnessed in my 10 weeks of motherhood.  WE JUST LOST IT!  We just could not pull ourselves together no matter what!  After he was done eating, I changed him and Meagan took him to burp him and he hurled spit up all over the floor.

hulkbaby breastman

Had she not been with me, maybe I would have been laughing by myself, or maybe I would have been crying.  I’m just really glad someone was there by my side, and It was someone who could laugh with me.


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