Is it Fall yet?

It’s no surprise that we’ve already started thinking about Fall.  The past few days have brought with it cooler weather to Western PA and that can only mean one thing that Fall is right around the corner.  That brings apple orchards, flannel shirts, anoraks, boots, shorter  days, and the impending Winter on the horizon.  Before Summer is over I wanted to make a list of some fun things that are still going on and few things to look forward to in Western PA.  We still have a few weeks of warmer weather and we need to take advantage of it (as we can all remember last Winter and negative wind chills…boo!)  I am jam packed these next few weeks but these are some things I’m hoping to squeeze in and also things I’m looking forward to doing!  Cheers to End of Summer!  

Must Do’s (if that is even a correct phrase)!  

  1. Pirates Game – I have no gone to one single baseball game all summer!  What kind of Pittsburgher am I!!
  2. Kennywood – This is very unlikely and I don’t really for-see this but I thought I would put it on the list as something I like to keep in the back of my mind because I’ve never been there.
  3. Falling Waters – I have heard some many amazing things about this place, I think this could be a Summer or Fall activity
  4. Hiking, Hiking, Hiking! – We were on a pretty good role with Mike and Rachel during the earlier months of summer.  We have both gotten so busy but I would love to explore more of Western PA.
  5. Trax Farms – This place is supposedly an amazing Fall spot for pumpkin picking and enjoying the cooler outdoor temps.
  6. Gateway Clipper  – This is a “steamboat” that carries you all over the three rivers.
  7. Host more Fall parties – We love to entertain and the best season is Fall, it always revolves around food!

Enjoy!! Check back next week as I give you the run down of the Gwynnie Bee subscription!


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