Gwynnie Bee!!

Lately I have been so excited for Fall and in my pursuit to purchase all of the fall items on my wish list I have not had the time to get to browse my favorite stores.  Rachel has tried to convince me for years to sign up for Birchbox , and even a trip to Soho didn’t convince me.  I love makeup, accessories, and clothing but I just didn’t know how much use I would get out of the subscription.  Maybe some day I will try it but to curb my craving I found another monthly club.

I first saw Gwynnie Bee on different ads all over my Social Media, they are a monthly box subscription of women’s apparel pieces that are geared for sizes 10 and up.  I knew what it was but didn’t pay too much attention and just went about my business. Recently I found myself complimenting my Director on her adorable dress and tell her I loved the print and the shape and how flattering it was, and she said she got it from Gwynnie Bee.  She said she started out with just getting three different pieces a month and then with prepaid shipping labels was able to send items back as many times as she wanted and get new ones.

This was some time ago and sure enough I was browsing through my newsfeed and up popped the ad!  It was a sign they had a free one month trial.  The subscription for three pieces is normally $84 bucks for one month, which seems pretty steep but they can turn around a package in 72 hours!  I have created my closet now I just wait for my items to ship.  The other added benefit is if you love an item you can purchase it at a discounted rate.  I think that this subscription will curb my appetite for an entire new Fall wardrobe (well for the time being).  Check back to see what came in my first subscription!



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