RV Camping with an Infant

Camping with a infant sounds crazy, right? But we discovered that it can be very enjoyable if we packed and planned correctly.


  1. Distance- Traveling close to home was an absolute must when we planned our trip.  We looked for campgrounds that were within 2 hours of our house.  In a worst case scenario, we could drive home if it was raining or things weren’t going well.  (Fun fact- for the first 3 months of my Ainsley’s life, she cried in the car seat.  It was terrifying…I mean she cried real tears.  We felt helpless and confused.  Around the 3 month mark something magical happened, and she began to like traveling in the car.  That was the green light we needed to plan her first trip.)
  2. Sleep- We wanted to keep Ainsley’s naptime and bedtime routine consistent so we packed things that made her feel comfortable like books, her lovey, and a sound machine.  We had enough room in our camper to take along her pack and play, but if space is limited, I would recommend buying a peapod.
  3. Extras- Campgrounds can be remotely located, so pack plenty of extra diapers, burp cloths, onesies, etc., for all of the “emergencies” that happen with an infant.
  4. Toys- Keep it simple!  We spent the majority of our time going for walks and relaxing by the fire, but we still took along her kick and play mat, and two or three small toys.
  5. Diaper Changes– I’ve said this a million times, but chuck changing pads are a life saver!  They turn any surface (pack and play, picnic table…) into a changing pad.  I also took along my handy-dandy wipes clutch for quick and easy diaper changes on the go.

Pack those bags and get moving!  You’re sure to create many new family memories!

Toys: Kick and Play / Octopus // Bath time:  bath tub // Diaper Changes: chuck pads / wipes clutch // Sleeping gear: monitor / sound machine / Pack and Play


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