Our First Family Vaca with a 2month Old! `

Lance and I decided last minute to take a vacation while I was still on maternity leave. We knew Miles would be a lot of extra work and may take the relaxation out of it, but we really wanted to give it a shot. We asked the best sitters we knew to come along for the ride and Grammy and Grandpa gladly accepted! And so began our trip to Ocean City, Maryland!!

The beach meant instant nap time for Miles but we did capture a few moments with his eyes open right before the blow out happened. I’m pretty sure he was grunting and we couldn’t hear it over the ocean!

We went out to eat to casual, noisy restaurants and Miles was well-behaved and pleasant so we ended up having a lot of fun. Lance and I even went on a date and had all you can eat Blue Maryland  Crab. It was delicious and somehow romantic .

All in all it was a fabulous time, but I learned a few things about taking a newborn to the beach. Here are some tips.

1. Bring 1,0000 burp cloths. We brought about 20 and we were washing them every day. I forgot that other people don’t want to re use a burp cloth with spit up all over it.

2. Rent an umbrella if you can. We brought one, but it was flimsy and turned inside out often, not to mention it was a pain to carry and assemble. We rented an umbrella for $12 and they set it up for us and took it down when we were finished.  Miles was happy as a clam under it and protected from the sun.

3. Take a baby carrier and wear your babe to the beach. This freed up my hands to carry other things, and I knew if I tripped in the sand, I could free my hands to catch myself.

4. Take something to put baby down in. We took our rock and play and Miles napped in it. We also took the pack and play with bassinet attachment for sleep.

5. Prepare for exercise. Two months post c-section, I wasn’t prepared for all the walking, sand strutting, and step climbing. I was sore, but it made me realize how out of shape I am and that I need to take it easy when I start exercising next week.

We can’t wait for next year when Miles can play in the sand!



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