Painted Cork Board

Inspiration struck me when I noticed round cork trivets on sale at Michaels for $.79.  I picked up 6 large cork trivets, 3 medium trivets, and several small bottles of acrylic paint and headed home to start my project. 

At home I searched through my craft supplies and found two round foam stamp brushes and a roll of FrogTape. Let the fun begin!


I didn’t take the time to think through how I wanted to paint or layout the trivets… I just wanted to craft with free rein and no direction in mind. I find a ridiculous amount of joy in the mindlessness of a good craft project and the freedom from the thought of making a mistake. To me, projects like this bring a sense of calm and relaxation. 

I started by adding polka dots to 3 of the trivets.  I mixed and matched the sizes and colors of the dots by using the round foam brushes. (tip: use the back of the paint brush for two different size circles.)

Next I moved on to the striped trivets. I used FrogTape to create straight, clean lines and again varied the colors and size of each line. 

Use FrogTape to tape off the section you want to paint.


Next, use an up and down motion to dab on the paint .


While the paint is still wet, carefully peel it off to reveal your stripe.

All done!!  Once I hang them in the nursery, I plan to display family pictures and other kid-friendly keepsakes. 




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